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THINNER THIGHS AND STOMACH TIP....Prothinspo has Discovered The Secret to Beautiful Bodies that the Rio de
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Think of Rio and you think of long sandy beaches
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Pharmacies, health stores, beach-front snack bars, all along Rio de Janeiro's beach fronts are selling to those in
the know a local powdered herb that has proven to be a very successful appetite suppressant which is as a side
benefit is also believed to help fight cellulite!
Thermogenic formula designed to increase thermogenesis and assist in fat loss, without eliminating muscle.
(Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in organisms.)
Now with Fucoxanthin.
Fucoxanthin is being explored for weight loss to naturally increase the metabolic rate. Japanese researchers
have found that fucoxanthin (isolated from wakame) promotes the loss of abdominal fat in obese mice and rats.
Animals lost 5 to 10% of their body weight. Although it's not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to
target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which abdominal fat is burned.
HOW TO GET SUPER SKINNY... COCAINE SKINNY...Here is what's in THIS CART Program and how this product
decades of research and scientific breakthroughs in the weight loss pills industry, we've finally discovered the
key to fast and lasting weight loss success. And that key is only available in this CART PROGRAM. The main
reason you're overweight is the back-and-forth battle going on deep within the brain inside the satiety center of
your hypothalamus. The ongoing battle exists between the two neuropeptides CART and NPY ... also known as the
good and the bad when it comes to weight loss.
A Spray Mist Crave Controller Is Diet Defense... It  has been all over the runways this season... models are spraying
what seemed to be mouth spray to cleanse and refresh the breath was really homeopathic and helps you reduce
hunger cravings!!! Everyone was spraying into their mouths this rapid-released formula that is used to reduce
hunger cravings quickly.
As a model before a show I can tell you that you really can't eat... not before a show, it  can quickly change your
body. So the no eat policy reigns strong.. but what to do if you are just craving??? Pills are sometimes to obvious
and people can take note, so spray a little spray and no one is the wiser....
This product I chose because...
People ask me everyday what was the strongest product that I have taken to lose weight the fastest. I took
Prothinspo's Hydroxylim/ Diet Slim...I chose this product because of two studies.... The first studied showed a
more rapid and effective weight loss than other diet products.This study set out to determine the efficacy of a
calcium/potassium salt of 60% HCA extract from Garcinia cambogia alone and in combination with niacin-bound
chromium and a standardized Gymnema Sylvestre Extract on weight-loss parameters in human volunteers. I know
blah blah, but  In a double-blind fashion,
60 moderately obese individuals were randomly assigned to three groups.
Quick Tips

Instead of getting on a scale let an outfit be your guide to skinny. Break out a tiny little outfit and lose
enough weight to fit into it then lose more weight until that outfit becomes baggy on you.
Drink coffee (no more then 2 cups with a small amount of honey and low fat milk. guava juice or stevia is
also a good natural sweetener.

Drink lots of water with lemon. Sorry no sugar or sweetener this should be straight with just the lemon.
Studies show huge jumps in weight loss by just drinking water and lemon.!!

Eat seafood instead of meat or poultry. Eat BEANS. they are best.

Eat loads of vegetables and fruit to fill yourself up during every meal.

Wear a lacing corset to slim your waist... and remind you when to actually really have to stop eating.

Devour anything that helps you lose weight, for example, cough drops, hoodia or fiber.

Never eat pass 6:00pm or 4 hours before you go to sleep.

Learn to fast: To Learn
Click Here...

Read this article:
(10 tips for weight loss)

Find out how your celebrity thinspiration lost weight or how he or she stays fit

thinspiration with the same body type.. click here for stats.

Do cardio for 30-60 minutes 6 days a week.. click here for some home exercises.

Choose a cardio you love

Make sure your workout challenges you.. I am frigging in love with INSANITY WITH SAUN T.

Use a product like hydroxyslim to reduce body fat especially if you're a girl..
click here.

Change your workout weekly to confuse your muscles

Learn how to workout via personal trainer, youtube or DVD.

workout twice a day

Don't be too hard on yourself

Have faith that all your hard work will pay off if you don't give up too soon.

Understand that you didn't gain weight over night so you won't lose weight over night

Get a workout buddy

Do visualization and self affirmations every time you can!!

Information on how to Binge, take Laxatives and Diuretics:

Studies have shown that people that eat all the same food gets board of eating the same foods thus eating
less so eat the same food and bore your way to skinny!

Drink lots of H2o even when your not thirsty for water, this helps your body burn more calories by
preventing you from storing fat

Stop eating dairy, especially milk and buy soy or coconut or make your own milk)

Since the body burns water all through the night, it's a good idea to drink a glass before going to bed and
one when you rise in the morning. In fact, if you want to wake up quickly, down a glass of ice water while
brewing your morning coffee.

Eat a hardy low fat soup before the main dish while sipping water and having a salad without fattening salad
click here for the cabbage soup diet recipe.

Appetite or Hunger?
The next time that you pull up a chair at the table, before you put a morsel into your mouth, and before you
even say the blessing, ask yourself, "Am I hungry OR am I eating just because?"

Many times we eat just because it's meal time.  Or, we may eat because we just feel like eating something
tasty. Or, we may be acting polite by eating something that we really don't even want to eat, but we do such
so we won't hurt the other person's feelings.  Here are some ways to deal with appetite:

Choose only to eat when you are hungry.
Don't wait until you are famished to eat, or it's almost certain that you will overeat.
If someone insists that you try something, you can resist and still be polite.  Simply tell them that you are not
hungry right now, and that you'll save the goody for when you are.
If you are eating because you just want something tasty, pause and rethink your Diet Strategy. When you get
hungry, then enjoy BUT be sure to pre-determine how much you are going to eat so that you won't overdo.

Why Can't I Resist Overeating?
Diet Problem: Overeating.  There are many reasons why we overeat, so your best defense is to determine
which reason(s) trips your Overeat Button. Keep in mind that to every problem, there is a solution - even to
Diet Problems.  So that's the good news. Choosing to tackle our Diet Problems can be troubling, because
generally, tackling diet-related problems is optional.

But if you want to see big results on the weight scales, take a look at a few of the most common Overeat
Button Denominators and try to solve your puzzle by getting a grip on your Overeat Button. You will fall in
love with those lower numbers on your weight scales!

Stress kicks in the urge to overeat in many individuals and it's how their body deals with stress.
The "I Love Food Syndrome".  Simply put, a lot of individuals just like the way that food tastes.  I do!  It's
nothing to be defensive about, or ashamed about if this scenario fits.  The key is to manage the amount of
food that we eat. It's not easy, but it can be done with determination.
Many times we overeat when we are at an event - such as a holiday party.  Even though we overeat, we may
not even remember what we ate (yes, even if we didn't have alcohol!).  It's due to mingling and the
heightened excitement.
Sometimes we overeat because we are not aware of what a portion size is OR because the restaurant
doesn't provide nutritional information about the foods ordered.
We may overeat because we don't feel well, and sometimes eating makes it all better.
We may overeat because we are depressed OR happy!
We may overeat because.  And 'because' is the most difficult reason to figure out what we need to do to fix
our Overeat Button.