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Model and actress Carré Otis starved herself for nearly 17 years. The five-
foot-ten fashion model, once whittled herself down to 100 pounds--and
nearly died in her quest for thinness. Today, she is healthy and trying to educate other women about the deadly dangers of eating disorders.

- As a top fashion model, Carre Otis made her living on looking thin and
beautiful. But now she is sharing the ugly truth about the weight-loss
strategies she subjected herself to and the dire health consequences that resulted.

“I had been on this insane diet for almost 17 years to maintain the weight
that was demanded of me when I was modeling,” Otis says. “My diet was
really starvation. I am not naturally that thin so I had to go through everything
from using drugs to diet pills to laxatives to fasting. Those were my main ways of controlling my weight.”

COOPER: Well, earlier, I spoke with Carrie Otis, the supermodel who nearly starved herself to death using extreme diets, exercise, eventually cocaine
and heroin, to try to stay thin. Now, after gaining weight, she's living a much healthier lifestyle. And along with modeling, Carrie Otis is now a
spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association.

I want to show you a picture of you in 1994, and you are so thin in it. What, you know, and people see that, and that's something that they want to be like
that. What were you actually doing to yourself to look like that?

CARRIE OTIS, SUPERMODEL: I think at that point in my life, I was probably doing what most of the girls in the industry in terms of dieting down do. And it
was really just not eating and not having the information, not understanding how a body works. And also there was just so much pressure. You know, if
somebody said to you, Well, you've got to lose weight, you've got to be thinner than what you are, nobody said, OK, this is how you do it. So you're talking
about really young kids...


OTIS: ... you know, in this industry.

COOPER: So to get that figure and maintain it, you would, I mean, on a daily basis, you would eat what?

OTIS: On a daily basis, I'd probably have salad, and then there was the theory of, you know, well, drink your calories. So you would have alcohol or some
wine. But it was, for the most part, it was just eating very, very little and not nutritiously, and it was kind of
a starvation diet.

COOPER: And did you feel pressure, I mean, from agents, from editors, from photographers to keep that going? I mean, were they supportive of that?

OTIS: They're -- it's not like anyone said, Well, just stop eating. Nobody said that. But they also sort of left you to your own devices about, whatever you
need to do to get to that weight,
that's what you are going to need to do.

COOPER: And yet, as unhealthy as you were, and as, I mean, you were
starving yourself, you say, you were even more successful. I mean, you got the cover of "Sports Illustrated." What did you do to get to look like that? I
understand you, I mean, worked out severely. You went on a really
crash diet.

OTIS: And the workouts would have been very different had I, you know,
also been taking care of myself in a, you know, in regards to nutrition. But still I was definitely working out. I mean, you call it, I think, you know, it's a form
of anorexia, where it's just like, consistent, nonstop workouts. You don't feed or refuel your body enough.

So I was, I was working out excessively. I wasn't eating enough. And at that
point, you know, my body, it really took a toll on my body.

COOPER: You ended up having to have heart surgery, because you, am I right, you had holes in your heart?

OTIS: Yes, I did. I ended up having to have heart surgery.

COOPER: And that's from, you think, malnutrition from, from?

OTIS: Years of malnutrition. I mean, this is, like, this is 17 years of malnutrition. Yes.

COOPER: As you look back on the you of that time, I mean, what do you see?

OTIS: What's so interesting is, I remember, you know, I'll look at a magazine and pick up a picture, and I remember thinking at that time, on that day, that I
felt a certain way, which was not thin. You know, I felt fat. And I looked...

COOPER: Even when you were starving yourself...

OTIS: Even...

COOPER: ... even when you were on the cover of "Sports Illustrated"?
OTIS: Yes, you don't see it. When you're in that mentality, when you're in
that mindset, you don't really see the reality before you. So for me, this point in my life I look back with a tremendous amount of compassion and a
tremendous amount of understanding for what other women, other men go through who are, you know -- it's a very, you know, obsessed way to live.
There's no freedom.When there are expectations placed on an individual, and you are not normally going to fit into a certain size or, you know, you are
going to do your damndest to fit into what people want until you have enough of yourself established to not really -- at this point in my life it's like,
whatever. I come as I am and I am really comfortable in my life and I refuse to
compromise my integrity and my sanity and my sense of well-being at this point.
COOPER: It seems like you're in a good place. Carrie Otis, thank you very much.
She began her
three-year bout with
bulimia at
20,spurred,she has
said,by the perception
that "everybody then
was Twiggy,except
me".Field has faced
eating disorders
that,during her days
as TV's Flying Nun in
the '60s,caused the
actress,who normally
weighs 100 pounds,to
binge on candy and
balloon 20 pounds
Justine Bateman
The former Family Ties star made a
lot of rules for herself:
"I can have one more cookie if I go
throw it all up later.Or
I can have this now if I skip lunch
later," she said in the
Nov. 9 edition of the U.S. TV Guide.
"I'm talking mainly about
doing stuff like not eating when I'm
hungry. Or, eating more
than I really want to and then trying
to get rid of it." Bateman said she
was sure people knew. "In fact,
when they'd say, 'You look
anorexic,' I'd take it as a
compliment." In September 1996,
Bateman went public for the first
time with the revelation that she
had suffered from bouts of
anorexia, bulimia and compulsive
overeating while making ''Family Ties.''
Her name is Magali Amadei.
She's one
of the most sought-after models
around, gracing some of our most
popular magazines as an ideal of
beauty in the `90s. But for seven
years, she struggled with the
dangerous eating disorder, bulimia.
Now, Magali Amadei is getting the
message out about bulimia to high
school kids across the country.

"My battle with bulimia lasted
seven years. I would eat - binge
really - and
purge it by vomiting
afterwards, eating
and vomiting
up to seven times a day."

This picture at the "Ball Of The Order
Of Innocence", to the right.
in 1997. That was when rumors first
started. People
were stunned by her shocking thinness
and worried.
Shortly after,Royal family members'
made a public announcement:
"Princess Victoria has
left Sweden and is now in the USA,

In her teen years,she tookacting classes,dancing and
singing lessons, worked inlocal theater. Despite herhectic schedule,she
managedto maintain a straight-Aaverage.Later,she auditioned for a part
on "The Sopranos" and she got a role on the show. And at the same
time, Jamie-Lynn was going through her first heartbreak.

That's when she decided to go on a diet to lose 5 pounds. But
the "5 pounds" turned into 30: things spiraled out of control.It
became an obsession that started taking over her life. She
did not care about school or her friends anymore.Only two
things interested her: exercising and making menus for
herself. In 1998, she told her parents about her problem: she
was suffer-ing from exercise bulimia and weighed 90 pounds.
She was so emaciated, producers thought of recasting her part.

She decided to go public about her battle. Now, weighing a
healthy 125 pounds,Sigler regularly discusses her issues with
food as a representative for the National Eating Disorders
Association. She also has written a book called "Wise Girl."
Gail Porter

TV presenter Gail Porter has revealed how she must take
medication for the rest of her life because of her battle with
anorexia and now  has a permanent thyroid problem
after starving herself for 10 years.

Gail weighed just over 41kg (90 pounds)at her lowest point.
Elton john
He came public about his battle with bulimia, which
lasted for 14 long years (from 1984 to 1990:) "I would
gorge myself, then deliberately make myself sick. For
breakfast I'd have an enormous fry-up, followed by
20 pots of cockles ((shellfish)) and then a tub of
Haagen-Dazs vanilla. . . . If I was eating a curry, I
couldn't wait to throw it up so
that I could have the next one."
In the late 1980’s, Tracey Gold was the epitome of health & beauty. At 5’ 3-1/2", she weighed a healthy 133 lbs. She enjoyed
professional success as an actress, portraying Carol Seaver on the hit television series "Growing Pains." She was blossoming from an
adolescent into a capable, young woman. She seemed to have everything going for her. But then her life took a tragic turn…
Tracey became greatly influenced by media expectations. Working in Hollywood, she was exposed to the world of dieting, binging,
and purging. She struggled with her perception of her body since the age of 12 and allowed others to dictate what she should look like.
Her self-esteem hit rock-bottom when she experienced ridicule because of her size. She was told by Hollywood producers to lose
weight. She was sensitive to the inclusion of fat jokes in the "Growing Pains" scripts—weekly, public reminders that she wasn’t quite
what Hollywood considered "good enough."She decided to take control of her eating, to rid herself of the constant scrutiny of the
media. She dieted
excessively."I remember when I was sick I would always say that having anorexia felt like I was drowning.   I would struggle to reach the
surface and sick my hand up, waiting for someone to grab it and pull me out.  Four years later, Tracey weighed less than 100 lbs. Her
preoccupation with food consumed her entire life. The reality of her illness hit her one night, as she caught sight of her skeletal figure
in the mirror. She states, "I had a moment of seeing myself the way I really was, which was 'death.'  I was sure I was going to die." 1 She
began to take control of her illness and vowed to get better.Today, Tracey continues to recover from anorexia. With the aid of a
nutritionist & therapist, she’s realizing her own strengths and unique beauty. She’s "still not a normal person about food" 2 as she
struggles everyday to simply eat normally.How did she begin on this road to self-destruction? She became disillusioned in her view of
perfection. She needed to become skinnier to satisfy the demands of Hollywood and to satisfy her own hunger for self-
satisfaction. She failed to see her inner beauty which, in the end, proved to be stronger than her false ideals.