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A startling amount of young celebrities suffer with eating disorders during their lives. The two seem inextricably linked and yet the exact causes of conditions
such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa still remain unclear.

Many medical professionals have suggested that factors such as low self esteem, a tendency towards obsessive compulsive behaviour
and external pressures to be thin can all act as catalysts.

Anorexia sufferers attempt to starve themselves, whereas bulimics will experience bouts of binge eating followed by purging –
be it through vomiting or the consumption of laxatives.

Women are ten times more likely to develop an eating disorder than men, although the number of male cases coming to light is growing.

Certain career styles are more prone to causing the illness and in the fashion and entertainment industry having
a slim physique is absolutely essential, no matter the cost.

It is no surprise that these particular professions cause the highest number of female workers falling prey to eating disorders,
such is the pressure to be thin and ‘sexy’.

—Mary-Kate Olsen developed anorexia through insecurities about her sister

Actress Mary-Kate Olsen battled with anorexia since becoming an adult. She has often spoken of a feeling of inadequacy
when living in the shadow of her twin sister Ashley.

“I look in the mirror and I’m like why do you look pretty and I look ugly?”

Shortly after her 18th birthday she lost weight drastically, forcing her family to intervene and in
2004 she was checked into a rehabilitation facility in Utah to deal with her illness.

Talking candidly about her struggle and the lessons she has taken away from it, the socialite remarked: “I think it’s important that what anybody goes through —
and I’m not saying that it’s true or not true — you realize it’s part of growing up. Everybody is going to go through hard times. It’s a part of life. I think the hardest
part to get to is that point of asking for help or reaching out to other people and being honest with yourself. I do not want to go through my life with my eyes shut.
And I don’t want to go through it with a closed mind. I want to be aware of things. And I’d rather know than not know,”

In 2004, having gained 15 pounds and developing a healthier relationship with her body, Mary-Kate reflected upon her experiences: “I’m sure growing up in the
public eye wasn’t easy; can you imagine being famous since you were 9 months old? That’s crazy!
They can’t even poop or get Starbucks without making headlines.”
Fiona Apple
famous singer/songwriter, was raped outside of her apartment at the age of twelve...This is, I think, no matter your age, a rather traumatic/distablizing event! As a
result, paranoia set in: she would check her closets to make sure no one was hiding in the house. Understandly, Fiona was nervous around older men and had
terrible,violent dreams.She then developed an eating disorder. Today, Fiona is frustrated with the misunderstanding of her eating disorder. She says, "I definitely
had an eating disorder. What was really frustrating for me was that everyone thought I was anorexic, and I wasn't. I was really depressed and self-loathing. For me,
it wasn't about being thin, it was about getting rid of the bait attached to my body. A lot of it came from the self-loathing that came from being raped at the point
of developing my voluptuousness. I just thought that if you had a body and if you had anything on you that would be grabbed, it would be grabbed. So I did
purposely get rid of it." As a result of her eating disorder, Fiona became extremely thin, but was written off by the media as trying to "fit in." "It was colors.I
couldn't eat things that looked a certain way,a certain color." The reason she was like that was because she felt she had no control over her life.
Jessica Alba

Jessica confessed the problems started when she was at school and her weight dropped at to just 100lbs. She first started worrying about her weight when she hit
puberty and started developing womanly curves.

"A lot of girls have eating disorders and I did too. I became obsessed with it."

"I stopped going to regular school at seventh grade. I had big dreams. I was focused at a
very young age. I hated school. I didn't have any friends”, Jessica said

"Everyone in my family is overweight. I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself when I was 12”, she continued.

The problem grew worse after she filmed Dark Angel in 2002, when she stopped eating and started a three-hour-a-day exercise regime.

"A lot of girls have eating disorders and I did too. I became obsessed with it."

When her weight went below seven stone and she couldn't stop shivering, she knew she had to sort it out.
Known as THE BARBI TWINS, Shane
and Sia Barbi first shot to fame in the
mid 90's with two of Playboy's top
selling issues. The Barbi Twins also
started the multimillion-dollar calendar
business with four worldwide #1 selling
calendars. This made them household
names and generated TV & movie
scripts which were written for them,
exclusively. After becoming comic book
heroines, "The Hollywood Icons", as
the media called them,took a
sabbatical at the peak of their
careers.The choice of a quiet life
enabled them to recover from their
life-death struggle with bulimia.

Weeklong fasts to lose weight for
fashion shows and photo shoots were
followed by bouts of non-stop eating. "I
went feast and famine,feast and
famine.That was my wholelife.There
was no such thing as sitting down to a
normal meal," says Sia. The sisters
deny using cosmetic enhancements
and claim their bodies are the result of
a super-human exercise routine."I did
10 hours of exercise seven days a
week," says Sia."I was in so much pain
all the time." Eventually,the sisters
developed full-blown bulimia - Shane
would vomit,Sia took laxatives.At one
point,the two -5 feet 9 inches
tall-weighed just over 100 pounds
each.Rock bottom came when Sia
collapsed after taking more than 100
laxatives."It looked like she had a
cardiac arrest or she was paralyzed on
the right side,"says Shane.She got
immediate medical help and recovered
from her overdose,but her doctor
warned her that if she didn't stop,she
would die.Shane's husband
encouraged them to attend meetings
of Overeaters Anonymous,a 12-step
program. They have written a book
and are touring high schools and
colleges,telling young women not to
make the same mistakes they made.
While ex-bandmate Geri Halliwell has
spoken at length about her battle with
bulimia,Mel has kept quiet about her own
suffering until now. Back in 2003, Mel C
spoke to the UK's "The Mirror" Newspaper.
Here's what she said during her interview,
"You know how people have a mid-life
crisis?Well,I had a mid-20s crisis.The
problem started years ago,mainly
because,throughout the time I was in the
Spice Girls,I had an eating disorder.It was
not as serious as anorexia but I didn't eat

"That messed with my health and triggered
a chemical imbalance which affected my
moods. When the Spice Girls got together I
was only 20 and although I thought I knew
it all, I was still a baby. To deal with what
happened to us however amazing it felt at
the time - was incredibly hard. We had
fantastic times and very difficult times.
People say they wouldn't change a thing
but there's quite a bit I'd change.
Especially the way I handled it."

"Everyone knows about Geri's eating
disorders," she says. "It's easy to be
influenced by another person's behaviour
when you spend lots of time with
them...And once you start losing weight, it's
very addictive." --"Throughout the heyday
of the Spice Girls, my diet became more
and more restrictive, until I was just eating
fruit and veg. I went on faddy diets and
didn't touch protein or carbohydrates,
which was ridiculous, as we were running
around like maniacs. I was underweight
and living on adrenalin. That screws your
body up and I believe it had a lot to do with
bringing on the depression."
When she visited her family, Melanie ate
healthily so as not to arouse their
suspicion. "My mum assumed my tiny body
was a result of being busy with the band
and working out regularly," she says. "She
didn't have a clue I was in the gym for
three hours every day. You become very
Former Spice Girl,Geri Halliwell, has been in
and out of therapy in
her battle against bulimia and binge eating.
She has been suffering
from the eating disorder for several years,
until a three-day binge
made her seek help. In early 2002, she
checked into a US clinic to
help with her bulimia. About her bingeing,
she said, "I realised I
couldn't control this monster anymore.I
needed to find help.About
group therapy, she said: "Here, everyone
was equal. Fame and for-
tune counted for nothing." Despite having
occasional relapses,
she believes therapy has helped her: "It
happens (bingeing) less of-
ten now and it's easier to regain control."

Her piece of advice for those who are
struggling??? "I can honestly
tell you from personal experience, that
worrying about an eating dis-
order really can get you down. There's
nothing to be ashamed about.
You'll be amazed at the difference it'll make
to your whole life if you
tell someone you trust. There are lots of
people who want to help
and you really CAN'T fight this one on your
own. It might be a hard
decision to make, to tell people and to seek
help but, trust me it's no-
where as hard as trying to deal with it on
your own."
Christina Ricci
Explaining her anorexia in her teens years,
she revealed:"I had a brief flirtation with
anorexia and when I was recovering from
that, I put on a lot of weight,which was very
dif- ficult for me. In a way, I was trying to get
rid of my breasts. Everyone my age wanted
them, so it was like, wohoo! Then, I started
hating them. And for all my movies,I was
supposed to be younger,so I had to strap
them down."
Veteran Hollywood actress Jane Fonda may still have a flawless appearance
but she has revealed that she has battled with bulimia for more than 30 years.
Fonda, who also has her own line of home exercise videos, admitted that she
struggled with binge-eating illness bulimia for three decades in a bid to become
the "perfect" woman. "I was bulimic for 35 years. I mistook the physical hunger
for spiritual hunger," she said. I knew intuitively that to be loved, I had to be
perfect. That leaves a dark hole in the centre of ourselves," she added. The
"Monster-in-law" beauty urged young women also battling with eating disorders
to confront their problems.
Susan Dey
Starring as "Laurie" on the popular show
"The Partridge Family",
wide-eyed,adoroble,self-assured Laurie
Partridge...In fact, Susan was, in real life a
frightened,insecure teenger suffering from
anorexia and bulimia, a young girl trying to
impose order and perfection on her life
through starvation, even forcing herself to
vomit. Susan was so underweight and
malnourished she stopped having
menstrual periods and her fingers turned
orange from eating almost nothing but
carrots. She denied having a problem until
one day at a cast party at the beach.
Co-star Danny Bonaduce exclaimed,
"What's wrong with you?! Your skin is
orange!" After this incident, and a
struggle, Dey overcame her disorder and
regained her normal health (and skin tone).

She suffered from bulimia while
on the pro tennis tour: "It
becomes part of your life, like
smoking. Or it's like being an
alcoholic It's so easy to get into
and so hard to get out of. I
hated myself that
I couldn't stop."
Ally Sheedy
She was just six years
old,when she started dancing
with the American Ballet
Theatre.In the 1990's she was
treated for sleeping pill
addiction.She has also battled
with bulimia nervosa,spawned
by pressure to stay thin when
she performed ballet as a child.

I started
shing myself too hard and
brutalizingmy immune
system."--"The amount of time
I spent thinking about food
and being upset about my
body was insane."
Elisa Donovan
The actress who played fashion victim Amber in the
TV series "Clueless", crossed over the line in 1992 to
battle anorexia. "At first, I'd eat no fat," Elisa says.
"Then, I'd just eat breakfast--cereal and toast-- and not
eat again until night." Within a couple of years, the
5-ft,6-in.actress weighed only 90 pounds. Elisa, who
finally overcame anorexia, puts it, "I never thought
someday I'd have to eat something or die."

- lived on grapes and sushi for an extended period of
time, until experiencing heart palpitations and entering
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