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Triumph over Snack Attacks
By: Lynn Grieger

We all face snack attacks: after work when the kids are hungry and we're  frazzled from a hectic day; late in the evening while watching TV; on lazy  weekend
afternoons. We can control snack attacks with three easy steps:

Be prepared. Make sure you have healthier snacks on hand, and keep  cookies and other high-fat, high-sugar treats hidden from sight in the  back of the
cupboard and refrigerator. Use the food pyramid to fill in the gaps. If breakfast was cereal and toast,  perhaps a midmorning snack could consist of fruit, yogurt or
string  cheese -- all items missing from breakfast. If you use this tactic, you won't  be as easily tempted to choose high-calorie snacks, and you'll improve  your
nutritional intake at the same time. Choose a satisfying snack. Do you want something salty? Sweet? Cold? If  we can understand what type of flavor or texture we
want, we're more  likely to be satisfied sooner rather than later, after we've rummaged  through the cupboards. Here are some ideas for healthy snacks:
To satisfy your sweet tooth:

Fresh or dried fruit

A frozen fruit-based sweet or other frozen treat

Frozen grapes or berries

Low-fat yogurts in exotic flavors: cappuccino, banana cream pie and even chocolate mint

If you're looking for something crunchy:

Plain, reduced-fat microwave popcorn. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese for extra flavor.

Pretzels and low-fat crackers made with whole grains.

Bagel or tortilla chips. Make your own: Cut tortillas into pie-shaped wedges and slice bagels thinly. Place on a cookie sheet in a single layer, and bake in a
400-degree oven until toasted (5-10 minutes).

Baby carrots, celery sticks and jicama slices. Keep them ready to eat in the refrigerator.

Craving protein?

Low-fat string cheese or cubes of other reduced-fat cheese.

A hard-boiled egg.

Rolled-up slices of low-fat turkey or ham.

A hearty lentil or black bean salad for fiber and protein: simply mix rinsed and drained canned legumes with your favorite fat-free salad dressing.

If you'd rather sip your snack:

Blender drinks: Mix any combination of skim milk, yogurt, fruit juice and fruit in a blender.

Caffeine-free flavored teas.

We often mistake thirst for hunger: Try calorie-free flavored waters, or add
your own flavor to sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime, or even add fresh cranberries.

Sugar-free hot chocolate made with skim milk: It not only satisfies your sweet tooth, it adds essential calcium and vitamin D to your diet.

Bag a healthy snack:

Pretzels or plain popcorn in individual bags.

Cereal or granola bars that contain added calcium.

Reduced-fat or baked potato chips.

Snack in a bag: Mix your favorite types of dry cereal, and add a handful of raisins and a sprinkling of roasted nuts

How to Fight the Urge to Snack
A mouthful of chocolate candy, a sliver of cake, a chunk of cheese...give into those insistent urges, and before you know it, you've eaten everything but the
kitchen sink. Even worse, those little urges can also add up to a large weight gain. For example, if you take in just 100 extra calories per day -- that's one ounce
of rich cheese or a fistful of potato chips -- you can put on ten pounds in one year.

So, when the urge to eat strikes, stop and ask yourself if you're really hungry.
If not, then you're merely eating out of habit, and the urge will usually pass if you can wait it out.

Overcoming the eating urge can be compared to riding a bucking bronco. You
can fight the horse and be thrown or maintain your balance and "ride" the horse until it settles down. Being a good "urge rider" involves identifying your urges
early and using skills to ride them through.

One skill to "ride out" your urges is to distract yourself for at least ten minutes with an activity that is incompatible with eating. The goal is to "buy time" and
choose an activity that meets several criteria: It must involve you, be readily available, and give you pleasure or fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Here are some activity suggestions to get you started, but it's important to
create your own list of personalized options:

Call a friend (don't use the phone in the kitchen)

Chew a wad of sugarless gum

Brush your teeth

Take a shower

Paint your nails

Water your plants

Ride your exercise bike

Organize your closet

Meditate, pray, or think pleasant thoughts (but not about food)

File papers or balance your checkbook

Grab your mate, not your plate

Work on a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle
Do not use television as your alternate activity. Studies show that obesity is almost twice as common in people who watch three to four hours of television
daily as in those who watch less than one hour. This fatty connection may be due to the decrease in activity and the mindless snacking that tends to go
hand in hand with watching television. If you watch four hours of television every day, that adds up to 1,460 hours each year. Just think of all the useful or
enjoyable things you could do with those hours-or all the calories you could burn through more physical activities -- instead.

Another way to ride out your urges is to change your environment. If you're alone, visit a friend (who won't offer you food.) If you're working overtime, take
"seventh-inning stretches" in hallways. If you're in the kitchen, go to the bedroom or living room with a good book. Once you leave the environment, especially if
it contained food, your desire to eat will eventually weaken.

When you just can't resist an urge to eat, simply satisfy it with a low-calorie food or beverage. This is easy to do if you have an emergency stash of low-calorie
items on hand, such as fresh vegetables, fruit, diet soda, and air-popped popcorn.

Finally, ask yourself if your urges are simply a sign of fatigue. Many people feel like eating when they are tired, run-down, or sick. Once you recognize when
you're tired, you can take a time-out and give your body what it really wants -- a little break. And don't feel guilty taking the extra time. If you ride out
urges productively, you'll be surprised at the free time you have that once was filled with mindless eating.

As your losing weight, or even before you begin, you should set up realistic goals for yourself to stay motivated. We will show you how in the next section.

Insistent Imperative Syndrome

Many dieters have goals filled with imperative words that leave no room for error and imply demand, such as "always," "never," "every," and "must."
Despite what many of us like to think, nobody's perfect. So every time you vow never to touch a doughnut again or swear that you'll lose weight every week
or promise that you'll always control your eating -- you're setting yourself up to fail by insisting on perfection. To make matters worse, if you violate your own rigid
standards, you will be disappointed in yourself and may eat even more because you feel so frustrated.

Remember that to err is human -- everyone has setbacks. So, strike imperatives from your vocabulary. If you bring your standards in line with
reality, you'll be regularly rewarded instead of frustrated.

Mount Everest Syndrome

The second trap dieters fall into is creating goals that are way too high, or as out of reach as the top of Mount Everest -- "I have to lose 50 pounds" or "I'm
going to walk ten miles." Giant goals like these are overwhelming because of the size of the job and the time it will take to do it. Even worse, this type of thinking
can lead to despair because it sets up success as an endpoint that happens only when the goal is achieved rather than as a continuing process.

Granted, your goals should be challenging, but giant goals are an invitation to failure. That's why it's so important to break goals down into smaller tasks that
you can accomplish one day or one week at a time so you won't feel defeated before you start.

Steps for Setting Goals

Goals are important because they help you focus your time and energy on the areas that count. To set yourself up to succeed, your goals should be:

Short term and specific. Specify exactly what you plan to do by tomorrow or next week
Say "I'm going to walk 25 minutes after dinner every evening this week," rather than "I'm going to exercise."

Trackable. Use a diary to track your progress in a visible way.

Positive. Say "I will" rather than "I won't." Negative goals make you feel deprived instead of making you feel good about your successes.

Personal. Don't try to lose weight to please or impress others. Learn to be the center of your own life.

Rewarding. Recognize each small victory. They are your building blocks for long-term success.

Realistic. In order to achieve long-term success, you have to find goals you
can live with and incorporate into your daily schedule. Here are some examples of unrealistic goals that can sabotage your weight-loss efforts, as
well as sample realistic goals that can fuel your weight-loss efforts.


- Water has got to become your best friend. If your like me and can't drink it plain buy the
Fruit 2o, it's calorie free and has added vitamins!

- Always take the stairs! You should never use an elevator again!

-Set up punishments for your "crimes." Example, you were thinking of binging so now your punishment is to go walk or run a mile. Be creative.

-Set up rewards for accomplishing your goals. Put money aside and plan on buying something you've really been wanting when you hit that target weight.

-Coffee is a wonderful appetite suppressant but don't overdo it on an empty tummy or you'll be very uncomfortable.

-If you fast a lot get a small flip notebook that will fit in your back pocket. For  each fast use one page. Write down the times, and hours, and check them off as
you move  through them so you can watch the time build up. This is a great way to keep  motivation rising!

-If you get nauseous from not eating chew a pepcid or some other type of antacid.

-Rather then sitting on a computer chair reading this, go get an exercise ball. Sit on thatwhile on the computer from now on.

-Make a trigger book, or create or own website.

-Where a rubber band on your wrist. Snap it went you think of food so you will begin toassociate food with pain.

-Spend time looking at thinspiration.

-If you live on your own or have privacy, tack up pictures of models and quotes to keepyou motivated.

-If your a smoker and your hungry, light up a cigarette, it will curb your appetite. If your not
already a smoker, I wouldn't advise starting just for weightloss though.

-If your really craving food brush your teeth with strong mint toothpaste.

-Drink your water ice cold. Your body will have to burn calories to warm up.

-Sleep at least 6 hours a night. Less than that stimulates the appetite by 15%.

-Eat in the same place everyday