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Emily Deschanel stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds
Emily Erin Deschanel (/deɪʃəˈnɛl/; born 11 October 1976) is an American actress, television producer, and
film producer. She is best known for starring in the Fox comedy-drama crime procedural series Bones[2] as
Dr. Temperance Brennan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Deschanel

Vegan actress Emily Deschanel, sister to starlet Zooey and forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan in
top-rater TV show Bones knows the pressure to be perfect that come with fame. But instead of caving in,
the 5 foot 9 stunner has remained grounded and has worked hard for her fit figure instead of quick
solutions. Here she dishes about what she does when the cameras aren’t rolling: Yoga, hitting the treadmill
and turning costars into vegans. "I’ve been a vegan for a long time, it turns out there’s a very big impact on
the environment when you eat fewer animal products." She says. "That absolutely blew my mind, I just
stopped eating and wearing animal products after learning that."

Emily has been on a vegetarian diet for 15 years, in her advocacy as a crusader for animal rights. Emily
Deschanel’s diet focuses on plants for food and excludes any meat, dairy, fish, and any other food items
that are of animal origin. "My Bones costar David once made fun of me for being vegetarian." She shares.
"But I started giving him vegan food and he loved it. Now, he tries to eat vegetarian for at least once every
week."With regards to Emily Deschanel’s exercise routine, her workout mainly consists of weightlifting at
least three times a week and running on the treadmill every day."I have a treadmill. My personal trainer
Julie Diamond is such a sweetie." She says. "She really motivates me to work hard."She also admitted to
have tried Yoga once with sister
Zooey, but never had the chance to go again because of her busy
schedule."I did Yoga, but I got busy and didn’t have time anymore." Emily says. "So now here I am. But it’s
okay, I realized you can become healthy by eating well and having regular exercise, it doesn’t even matter
what exercise your’e doing." Zooey Deschanel's Workout Routines
Rather than hitting the gym or even a good cardio workout, Zooey is a sporty girl. She does however like to
take classes that require physical activity so she feels like she is learning something while staying healthy.
"A lot of people work out to be skinny. That's so boring, and it seems like a depressing goal for a modern
woman," Deschanel says. "I work out to be healthy and because I like it. I do sports or classes, things that
engage my mind. If you're active, fitness will follow—and probably a good figure, too."

She advises to think about your favorite activities and how you can pack some into each day. One of her
favorites-hula hoop, "I can hula-hoop for hours!" Zooey also likes to mix it up with her exercise with hiking,
running, biking, swimming and says she finds the workouts the best mood stabilizer. Her advice to staying
motivated is to have a partner that makes you feel more accountable and you won't bail out on your workout.

Even while traveling she makes extra sure to eat healthy because as we all know traveling can bring on the
junk food big time. "I almost always visit health-food stores in every city I’m in, just to make sure there’s
stuff on the bus I can eat—vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and nuts." She also trys to cut out snacking which
leaves room for three healthy meals a day and if she is hungry for a snack, a piece of fruit will do. Her one
cheat is gluten-free cupcakes she calls a "hit".

What does she do for her "rest" part of fitness? Well a quite afternoon in her home playing the ukulele
makes her feel rested. Expressing who she is through music also makes her feel at peace. "I find the more I
get to know myself, the happier I am—and the better I am. I think that’s true of everyone."
Its one thing to talk the eco-friendly talk. But as Bones star Emily Deschanel climbs out of her Prius, its clear
that this is a woman who also walks the walk. Although her character, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, is
a buttoned-up anthropologist focused on the small, crime-solving details in life, Emily, 32, sees the much
bigger picture.Q: Going green can get pricey. Have any favorite thrifty tips?
A: Buying used clothes is cheaper. And going to a farmers market is a lot cheaper than going to a pricier
health-food market.

Q: What would you say is your proudest green achievement?
A: Getting the head of Fox, Peter Liguori, to go vegan. We were at a party, and I said, ‘Youd make a big
difference by just trying it for a week. I sent him food, and he really stuck to it.

Q: What is your proudest life achievement?
A: I guess doing this role and keeping a level head. It was hard at first. There was a lot of pressure. And I
had a kind of a breakdown my first year—it wasnt a breakdown breakdown, but I became very upset.

Q: Is there anything you feel that youve learned from that tough period?
A: When I got upset, I realized that [it was because] I was put on The Pill. And that made me incredibly
emotional. I had gone through a breakup just before I started this job, and working 15 or 16 hours a day was
stressful. It wasnt like I was the same person under some stress.
I was a different person! Hormones can definitely affect your emotions.

Q: So you stopped taking The Pill?
A: I stopped it. You need to listen to your body. I think its so important to know yourself. For me, thats being
as natural as possible. I personally dont like to take any medication, even if its, like, for a headache, unless I
absolutely have to.

A: Do you have any natural remedies for a headache?

A: I always ask myself, “Have I had enough water?” Dehydration is a big cause of headaches. And I look at
my tension: “Am I holding tension in my neck?” If so, Ill go out and get a massage. The Los Angeles–born
actress is a devoted crusader for environmental causes. She prefers organic cotton, hemp or vintage
clothing, wears cruelty-free makeup, and rarely goes anywhere without her nontoxic SIGG water bottle.
Emily spends much of her downtime speaking for a planet that cant speak for itself. Here, she shares her
best eco tips and the simple pleasures that keep her so down to Earth.

Q: What are the most everyday ways youve gone green?
A: Ive been vegan for 15 years, and it turns out it makes a very big impact on the environment to eat fewer
animal products, which cause more greenhouse gases than all of transportation combined. The United
Nations did a study just over two years ago, and that blew my mind. I started thinking that if people are
vegetarian for one day a week, that makes a huge difference!

Q: Are there any ways you wish you could be more green?
A: Well, I want to do solar panels on my house. I think its important to speak up for the environment
because the Earth is not saying something. [Laughs.] I mean, it is, but it is saying things to us in its own way.
It makes a big difference to recycle. It makes a big difference to use recycled products. It makes a big
difference to reuse things, to not use the paper cup—and each time you do, thats a victory.
Q: Whats your favorite natural beauty trick?
A: I tried something that a facialist recommended: You take a strawberry, bite off the end, and then rub the
strawberry around your face. Its like a nice enzyme treatment, and theres a natural scrub from the seeds.

Q: Do you think our society puts too much emphasis on using artificial means to look younger?
A: Absolutely. I think its dangerous, actually, when people have this expectation of looking a certain way
thats just not natural. Who cares what you look like if youre not enjoying your life?

Q: Do you plan to age gracefully?
A: I hope that I dont feel the need to look like somebody different, because no one ends up looking really
younger; you just look … odd. But who am I to say what someone should do? And who am I to say how Im
going to feel as Im aging? But [the TV show] Nip/Tuck makes me want to never go under the knife.

Q: When and where do you feel happiest?
A: When Im surrounded by my friends and family. Around the holidays I had some friends over, and we were
in my dining room eating food, drinking wine, and sharing stories. I love looking at a beautiful sunset, too …
and that sounds so cheeseball! But I like to be surprised by a sunset, I guess, when you never expect it.