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Nina Dobrev stands 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds

Nina Dobrev isn’t tight-lipped about how she stays fit – in fact, she enthusiastically shared with Seventeen,
“It’s yoga. I love it! I’m a yogi.” Nina sometimes works out with a personal yoga instructor, but mostly attends
regular classes 3 to 4 times a week. “It takes a lot for me to sweat, so I go to hot yoga,” she says. “It’s a
workout, and at the same time, it’s for my mind. It gives you that meditative state and its 90 minutes where
you can get away from the world and just be, and exist in the moment. I need yoga. It’s part of my life and I
can’t imagine not doing it.”

Hot yoga, Nina’s workout of choice, refers to yoga exercises done in hot or humid temperatures – the most
well-known styles being Bikram and Tri-Balance yoga. Hot yoga is beneficial because you’re sweating more
while holding the positions for so long. “You’re getting the cardio workout, your heart’s racing, and then
you’re also stretching and building lean muscle,” Nina Dobrev says, adding that a bonus benefit is the
cleansing effect that the heat has on the skin. “I’ve also found that my skin gets so much better, because
your pores are open, and they’re breathing.” Yoga isn’t confined to a trainer or class, though; Nina stresses
that exercises can be done effectively almost anywhere or anytime – even just in your bedroom. “In the
morning if I can’t go to yoga class, I’ll go jump on a bed and do Downward Dog, or stretch, or go into Childs
Pose. Just breathe and relax and get ready for my day.”

Aside from yoga, however, Nina usually forgoes a strict or planned-out exercise regimen. Instead, she says
she makes the little things count. She takes the stairs instead of the elevator to her top-floor apartment.
She biked to school and back every day in high school instead of taking the bus (“I got there faster than
everyone else on the bus, and it didn’t cost a dollar-fifty”). She runs 20-30 minutes because she feels like it,
not because she has a schedule to follow. “It’s more of a lazy jog,” she says, “And it’s never a planned run,
but more of a fun run. Keeping active: it’s a way of working out without actually thinking about it.” By doing
fun, active things that you actually enjoy, working out pays off and will never feel torturous. Nina reveals, “I
didn’t go to the gym once [over Christmas break], but I was in better shape than I am now because I was
snowboarding every single day, skating, swimming in my friend’s pool… I didn’t even feel like I was working
out. I was just having fun.”

Diet-wise, Nina is a tried-and-not-true vegetarian. She tried it for 4 months, but found it too hard to follow
through. While she did drop several pounds, she said, “I started feeling weak, like I needed more protein
and more energy.” However, she concedes that a vegetarian diet, while it didn’t work for her, may still be
beneficial for others. “I have so much respect for vegetarians. It just didn’t work out for me. It made me
think: I need a burger – a beef burger, not soy!”
Tips for Hot Yoga Beginners
Hydration and Electrolytes

Proper hydration and electrolyte intake is essential when practicing any form of hot yoga (Bikram, Vinyasa, Power) and will make your experience much
more enjoyable.

It is important to drink plenty of water before you enter the yoga room so that your body is already well hydrated. Bikram notes, “In a heated yoga room,
your body needs an adequate fund of water to allow perspiration to release heat from the body as you practice. Once you are drinking enough water, your
body will tolerate the heat better and you will actually enjoy the heat.”

So how much water is enough? It can vary greatly from person to person, but here are some general guidelines. Nutritionists recommend 64 – 80 ounces
of water a day to allow your body to function properly and Bikram recommends an additional 64 – 80 ounces throughout the day to allow for your 90
minutes in the yoga room. If you are experiencing headaches during or after class, this is a common sign of dehydration and you should increase your
water intake.

Electrolyte replacement is also essential, as we are not just sweating out water, we are also sweating out our body’s natural salts. Dizziness, nausea,
and muscle cramping can all be signs of an electrolyte imbalance.

There are a variety of ways to replenish electrolyte levels and restore balance. Coconut water is becoming increasingly popular. It is high in potassium,
natural, and is very refreshing after a hot class. Sports drinks are another option, although they often contain high levels of sugar as well. Emergen-C
packets are widely available and most health food stores offer a wide variety of pills, drops, and powders rich in electrolytes. If you prefer to eat your
electrolytes, apricots, avocados, bananas, beans, lentils, and spinach are all great sources.

Bikram Yoga...
Bikram attracts a large following of “rugged-individualists,” triathletes, extreme skiers and snow boarders, rock climbers; I even know an extreme
frisbee player who became a teacher. These hard core athletes are drawn to the healing properties of yoga, but become addicted to the precision and
demand put on their bodies during the practice.The fact that often even dedicated daily practitioners have light-years to go in their standing head to knee or
bow poses, keeps the challenge fresh. A teacher of mine, Katherine would say, “The strength and determination it takes to do this pose will carry forth into
every part of your life.” I love that! Every day is a new day on the mat.

Unlike some other forms of yoga, there is a “right way” to perform the poses and an end in mind. As it is in ballet, there is a correct standing bow pose and
a way for beginning practitioners to attempt the pose the right way in order to receive the full benefits.

In other yoga styles, with no mirror and often, no clear direction on where the hands should be and whether the foot is flexed, myriad styles appear and
beginners can be confused about who to follow.

I love the precision of Bikram Yoga. I love letting my mind go and being held by the postures, trusting that these 26 poses will come back to me again and
again to rinse the clouds from my mind and wring my muscles dry of their complaints. The feeling I get after finishing class is that every muscle in my body
has been shined up and ready for the day.  I like the 6:00 am practice, but any time your body is energetically at a high point is the right time for you to
practice. Many people feel more flexible in the afternoon, and enjoy that time right after work.

There do seem to be a lot of “Do’s and Don’ts at the beginning, but that is only to help you succeed and come back for your next class.

Here are some tips.

1. The most important water you drink is up to an hour before class. It takes about 20 minutes to receive the hydration from the water you drink during
class and mostly just fills your belly, making you feel full, not hydrated. It’s no fun to lie on your full tummy for the spine-strengthening series.

2. Any food with a high fat content could come back to haunt you. I don’t eat any dairy, animal products or nut butter later than three hours before class. A
green juice with lots of green leafy veggies and a couple of fruits blended is best. (Get your recipe from Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Diet) Save the protein
powder for after class.

3. Listen to the dialogue. It is there to serve you and is complete. Moving into your own variations and resisting trying it the right way prolongs your
learning curve. Ignore the smug 20-something teacher and just remember this has proven out over thirty years. Some very famous yogis have come
before you and found the practice to be extremely healing and beneficial to their lives.

4. The heat is your friend. The practice becomes much easier in the heated room. Little aches and pains ease their way from tired joints and you find
fluidity and freedom. If the heat becomes too much, just sit down with your head above your heart and your eyes open. Closing your eyes in the heat can
cause dizziness. Breath calmly in and out through your nose and you will find your heart returning to its normal rate, at which point you can rejoin the
class or continue to rest. If you find yourself resting every class at the same point, (like Triangle) you might examine your resistance to a particular pose,
but for the most part, I am a firm believer that it is your class, not your teacher’s and not Bikram Choudhury’s, you are there doing your own work.

5. Finish with a nice long savasana and let your body cool down gradually, rather than jumping into a cold shower or pool.

6. Take care of yourself today so that, so you can come back tomorrow. Try to come back as soon as possible to prevent soreness in your muscles and
show your mind how strong your body is.

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