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*Drink water! This is the #1 rule for both ana and mia. It fills you up when you are hungry and makes
purging easier. The general rule is also that hot water fills you up more and ice cold water helps you
to burn more calories since it lowers your body temperature so your body has to work harder to stay warm.

*Chew sugar free gum or mints constantly. I am never without one or the other in my mouth. The
benefits are endless: it kills cravings, keeps your mouth full so you can't binge, burns calories by
chewing, peppermint flavors suppress appetites, and prevents bad breath if you are in ketosis.

*Tea of Coffee are an Ana’s best friend. Drink with NO CREAM OR MILK and artificial sweetener
ONLY. Tea is especially great because it comes in so many different flavors and is calorie free, as
opposed to black coffee which has an albeit small amount. The caffeine is also great for raising metabolism.

*Cut food into tiny pieces. Put your fork down between bites. Chew everything a certain number of
times. Eat in patterns. Develop systems of eating. All of this helps to make food a mere object rather than the devil itself.

*Take a sip of water or other calorie-free liquid between each bite. You feel full much faster, partially
because the body often mistakes thirst for hunger, so by drinking, one actually reduces the amount of food their body needs to eat.

*If you are really craving something specific and are on the verge of a binge, go into the kitchen,
prepare it, and then eat it-but do not swallow! Chew it slowly, enjoy it, and then spit it out.
Immediately after that rinse your mouth with water at least three times before swallowing a sip so you do not accidentally ingest any calories.

*If you are about to binge, pick a safe food, preferably negative calorie (pickles, celery, blueberries,
etc.) and eat it non-stop for up to half an hour, taking a sip of water with each bite. Often you will not
be able to even get up to half an hour, and you will be full so the desire to binge will be gone, but you haven't eaten anything "bad."

*No Sugar Added, Fat-Free Fudge Pops. These are the reason I am alive. They have 40 calories in
one and taste exactly like chocolate ice cream. If you must binge, try eating a whole box of these.
There are 560 calories in a box of 14, and they are easy to purge.

*Do not ever eat anything you do not know the exact amount of calories in. Sometimes you can fool
yourself into thinking you've eaten less than you have. Remember, numbers do not lie.

*Track progress by measurements and not the scale alone. Scales are affected by everything from
the weather to the time of day, but the numbers on a measuring tape are affected by nothing except the actual size of your body.

*Keep a food diary. Start your own pro-ana page. Make an ed scrapbook. Anything that keeps your mind on not eating is a good thing.

*When you want to eat, exercise for at least 15 minutes first. I like to put on nice lyrical music,
usually Charlotte Martin or sometimes classical, and do bare work. It not only distracts you from eating but burns calories and benefits your body as well.

*Buy a pair of expensive jeans at least one size too small. Try them on right before you eat. You will
either not want to eat or will eat less. When you lose enough weight to fit into them properly, reward
yourself by buying another pair, again one or two sizes too small.

*Eat low-calorie foods with very intense flavors. Often times you just crave taste. Chili peppers,
anything pickled, peppermints, and very concentrated bullion (make it with half the water recommended) are all good options.

*Make a list of foods that you are absolutely never ever allowed to eat. Write it down and keep it
somewhere accessible. On this list should be things like doughnuts, cake, cream, soda, fatty meats
like duck, and any dairy product not made with skim milk. If you really like any of these things and
find it hard to resist, prepare it, but then put something disgusting all over it (like pouring vinegar on
a cream-filled doughnut). Take a bite. You will find you have totally lost your taste for the food.

*Diet pills are amazing, but you have to be careful. Try to eat something small and safe when you
take one, like an apple or a small piece of grilled chicken. If you don't then you will get awful side
effects. The same goes for taking more than the recommended amount.

*If you must go out to eat, go to the restaurant’s web page before hand, and find something safe to
eat. Do not eat bread or appetizers. Order a salad with dressing on the side if everyone else is
having appetizers. If there is nothing safe on the menu most places will make you a plain piece of grilled chicken or fish if you ask.

*Never drink soda. There is absolutely no reason to. Even diet soda will actually make you look bloated and weigh a little more.

A plateau is a phase during weight-loss when you seem to maintain your weight even if your caloric intake/output haven't changed. Your body is probably
resisting weight loss because it's being pushed too far. Your metabolism could be slowing down because you're not eating
enough, and variety is important to your body. You can affect your metabolism through eating habits Eat more
negative calorie foods like fruits and vegetables.
They'll keep your digestive system moving with fewer calories. Drink lots of water, as you already should be doing, this way your body will be well hydrated, and
you will less likely become lethargic. If you're eating a few larger meals each day, try eating smaller bits of food more often, so if your eating 1 meal then make it
two smaller one etc. Changing your caloric intake does not always mean decreasing! If your metabolism has slowed down, it may need some more calories to
speed up a bit. Don't overdo this, just try to increase by 10%, and when you passed the plateau, you decrease 10%.You can also try a spike, this is when you eat
regular meals for one day (should equal roughly 1500 cals) to jump start your metabolism, then simply return to your regular eating habits the next day .Usually
when you use a new shampoo, your hair will be so soft and shiny you'll keep using the shampoo...but after a few weeks it doesn't do anything special. Same with
exercising; your body will get the best out of a workout when it's being challenged. So the first time you run a mile you may feel exhausted, your muscles might
be sore and all of that...but if you keep running one mile each day for a week or two, your body will build more muscle, use those same muscles over and over
while neglecting others, and won't be as challenged. You should change either the length of time or intensity of your workout.If you've been exercising for 20
minutes every day, try doing 20 minutes one day and then 40 minutes the next day, so you're getting a variety. Weight training increases metabolism
significantly. Muscle burns more calories during the day than fat, even if you're just sitting still. You don't have to become a body builder. AI'mw minutes of
push-ups and simple weight-lifting or calisthenic exercises will make a difference. Don't put all of your trust in this, but I'm pretty sure i
read that 10 minutes of weight lifting 3 times a week will increase muscle and metabolism within the first week. Thats only 30 minutes out of the 10,080 minutes
you have every week. Also try switching to different types of exercise every other day, for example, run on Monday, swim on Tuesday, weight lift on Wednesday,
run on Thursday, yoga on Friday, swim on Saturday, bike/hike on Sunday. Effects won't occur immediately. Patience and slower weight loss is good according to
doctors. But if you don't want to increase your calorie intake, then you simply must exercise more and also throughout the day, do a couple of jumping jacks it
will give your metabolism kick or fidgitin a lot, I believe that I read that fidgitin can burn up to 800 calories a day,
which equals roughly over 1.5 lbs burned a week on top of your diet and exercise.

Load yourself with water. Keep your stomach totally full of water at all times! There is less room for food... Obviously!Become a vegetarian! Meat is fat and
disgusting!Fat free chocolate milk is good for sweet cravings  .Set yourself some rules! If you're a true Ana, you won't have any problem following them. Ana
When you get the urge to snack, clean something, and use lots of chemicals. The smell will curb your appetite Chew sugar-free gum. It will make you more
hungry at first, but later you'll get nauseas .Don't ever eat out!Don't eat anything you don't know the nutritional values of!Tea helps to calm a hungry belly. It
soothes and fills you up. Chew your food until it dissolves Drink sparkling water or Crystal Clear, it fills you up more!

*Take vitamin B6 and B12 supplements, they speed up your metabolism like none other * Purge in
the shower, or in the sink when your music is playing. * If your about to binge, chew some gum,
and think of yourself what obese people look like * Drink a glass of water every hour * Eat one
meal everyday, this will help to prevent binge cravings * Take caffeine tablets * Smoke when you
feel hungry * If you are craving food, brush your teeth * Eat gum all day * Sleep at least six hours
a night, less than 6 hours stimulates appetite by 15% * When you sit, move your foot or
something, every cal counts! * Tell everyone you're allergic to some foods * Hit your stomach
when it's grumbling * Never eat when people are around * Associate food with feeling sick *
Never eat anything that doesn't have nutrition labels * Save one dollar for every meal you don't
eat, then buy yourself a non food present * Take a bath * Always take your vitamins * Know when
your trigger binge time is and avoid it * Drink water in stead of eating * Watch fat people eat, and
see how disgusting they are * Listen loud music and sing/scream * Spinning yourself in circles

7-7 rule Dinner must be eaten by 7.00 pm. After dinner no food is consumed until 7.00 am at the
earliest. This is basically the same as a 12-hour fast, meaning, if you live by this rule for a year,
you have fasted a half year! Mainly one should do this because your metabolism slows down at
night, and if you consume food it will be harder to burn the calories. 3 hour eat/sleep 3 hours
must pass between the last time you and the time you go to bed. This ensures that you are
actively burning calories while the food is initially digesting, versus, when you are sleeping,
when metabolism slows and you burn fewer calories. Very important because you want to burn
as many as you can! 2 times a day You must weigh yourself twice a day. Once at night before you
go to sleep, and once after using the bathroom in the morning. This is more a self-esteem
booster then anything else. You are always thinner in the morning.

5 week plan (To start off with Ana)
Here's a diet plan for those who are still eating way to much! It's a 4week plan to decrease your
calorie intake and increase your exercise until you've reached Ana's standards.

Step 1: (One week)
* Decrease calorie intake to 1000 cals a day
* Read nutrition  labels
* 100 crunches a day
* 2 hours running a week

Step 2: (One week)
* Decrease calorie intake to 500 cals a day
* 200 crunches a day
* 30 minutes swimming/cycling/skating/dancing a day
* Take weight loss pills

Step 3: (One week)
* 500 calories a day
* 250 crunches a day
* 2 hours running a week
Take weight loss pills
* 1 hour swimming?cycling/skating/dancing a day

Step 4: (For ever)
* 500 calories a day
* Create control, cut yourself when you've eaten more
* 300 crunches a day
* 2 hours skating/swimming/dancing/cycling a week
* Take weight loss pills

* Go on a walk
* Search for health/nutrition info on the net
* Turn up the music and dance
* Clean your house until everything looks untouched
* Read a book or magazine
* Find out about finances and investing
* Find out enough about a national issue to form a strong opinion
* Do that you were meaning to do for so long
* Rent and follow a yoga or Pilate's video
* Express yourself creatively
* Wander and browse trough the library
* Read about the toxins and food that build up in the digestive system
* Start writing in a journal about things besides calories
* Make your own, original, unique website
* Have a movie fest
* Volunteer somewhere
* Get a job
* Master your self description
* Play with your pet, they'll love you!
* Call your grandparents
* Go to howstuffworks.com and find out!
* Exfoliate your entire body
* Think about your life goals and how you'll reach them
* Make someone a bracelet or neckless
* Read the newspaper, every word of it!
* Stop procrastinating
* Do some extra credit
Go trough old stuff, throw away everything you never wear/use.
Mop/dust/vacuum/scrub anything, change bedsheets anything. The harder you work, the more
cals you'll burn! Hobby's
Practice or learn to play a music instrument
Go shopping, you'll burn cals walking
Go out for a drink
Go trough old photo albums
Make jewelry
Read a book!
Have a beauty day! Beauty day
Have an extra shower
Take a very long bath
Give yourself a mani/pedicure
Brush your teeth
Eat chewing gum/ drink water
Put on very beautiful make-up
Make an ana video/poster/collage/drawing/poem/story/website.. Anything!
Think of all the things you'd like to eat, and think of how many calories that are... And how many lbs!

Ways to hide ED
@ The Doctor:
- Drink a lot of water (You'll weigh more!)
- Dress warmly, you're temperature will be somewhat normal
- Make sure SI wounds are healed before seeing the doctor
@ Home & Friends
- Wake up late, so you don't have enough time to eat at home
- Convince yourself (and others!) that your allergic to things
- Say your ill
- Say you've already ate
- Go to bed early, you can't eat when you're asleep
- Say you'll eat somewhere else
- Say your on a medication which screws up your appetite
- Leave a plate with bread crumbs in the kitchen
- Take some cookies, or chips up to your room, and trow it away, then leave the empty packages
in a place where parent will notice them
- When you're at a party or something, just find something like a muffin or a piece of pie you can
carry around, throw away some bites, and eventually, hide the whole thing
- Don't forget to get rid of food you where supposed to eat, get rid of all the evidence!
- Put your diet pill in a vitamin bottle
- Don't tell anyone you think you're fat!
- Don't tell anyone you're on a diet!
- Tell people you are sooo hungry for a hamburger or something, then disappear, and when you
return, tell them it was delicious!
- Invent some mysterious illness, which will be a good excuse not to eat
- Pretend to be in love (takes away you're appetite!)
@ Excuses:
- I'm not hungry
- I already ate
- I feel sick
- I will eat later
- I'm allergic
- I don't have any money (and forgot my bread, and yeah, I'm allergic to everything, so I can't eat
- I'm a veggie/vegan
- I don't like...
- I have to go somewhere
- Just say no
- It's almost dinner time, and my mom cooked a 3 course dinner