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Polina Semionova
Polina Alexandrovna Semionova (born 13 September 1984) is a Russian ballet
dancer who is currently a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.[1] She
also has an older brother, Dmitry Semionov, who is now a principal in the
Staatsballett Berlin.

Studying at the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, Russia, she won awards in the top
ballet competitions; including a gold medal at the Moscow International Ballet
Competition 2001, First Prize at the Vaganova-Prix Ballet Competition in St
Petersburg 2002, and Junior Prize at the Nagoya (Japan) International Ballet
Competition 2002.

Graduating in 2002, Semionova joined the Ballet Staatsoper Berlin as a principal
upon the invitation of Vladimir Malakhov,[2] becoming the youngest principal in the
company's history at the age of 18. She toured Japan as Malakhov's partner, the
reason he had invited her to be a principal in the company. He gave her the lead
roles in The Nutcracker and La Bayadère during her first season, following with the
role of Tatiana in Onegin, which became her favourite role.

In 2003, at the age of 19, Semionova performed with the English National Ballet in
Swan Lake, receiving approving reviews from English critics. The following year
she joined the California Ballet in their production of The Sleeping Beauty, again
impressing critics despite what they termed a disappointing overall ballet.[3]

Appearing in Herbert Grönemeyer's music video "Demo (Letzter Tag)", which was
later uploaded to the popular video site YouTube, brought her to the attention of
both the dance community and the general public.

Semionova is one of the featured artists on EuroArts DVD "Divine Dancers Live
from Prague", in which she dances a pas-de-deux from the ballet "Manon".
Q&A, someone asked about what ballet dancers eat.

It’s a common enough question; people are thinking if they could get a hold of that diet, that mentality,
well, they’d be set for life. Or they have this image of anorexia and lifelong self-denial. I told the reader to
dispel the notion of carrot sticks and granola, black coffee, Diet Coke, that might be going through their
heads. When I was young, during the late Balanchine era, that was the image circling around about ballet
dancers. Happily, there is more of a  focus on nutrition and healthy living these days. Maybe some
dancers will eat those aforementioned items as a personal choice. But the main point is this:
professional ballet dancers are athletes at the top of their game. They work hard, they require high
octane fuel. Granted, their bodies also function best when not laden with excess poundage, so they can’t
over-fuel. It’s an eat-to-live philosophy versus a live-to-eat one. You eat what you need. In truth, this is the
world’s greatest dieting secret/tip. You know those commercials they run on websites, this “try this one
crazy secret for weight loss that have doctors baffled!”? Can’t stand those stupid things, never mind that
I always want to click on the link to see “the secret.” Here’s the secret. Eat what you need, not what you
want. And if you want more, well, friggin’ go burn it off and then you can have more.

First, a point that can’t be overlooked: body type. Professional ballet dancers are indeed slender, usually
long-legged, short waisted, perfect for the work they do, much like runners. I will hazard a guess that
one’s body type is what helped each one get this far in their chosen vocation. Look at those Olympic
runners. You don’t see short, stocky ones. It’s not discrimination, it’s the right body type gravitating to the
right sport. You don’t see short, stocky professional ballet dancers for the same reason. The reality of
their body means they probably diverted to gymnastics, acrobatics (Cirque du Soleil – my fave!), where
they excelled in a way they couldn’t have in ballet.

But back to the main point. Food. Which dancers need plenty of, just like any top-level athlete. They are
not fashion models who can subsist on 500 calories a day. They have to fuel the engine that drives them
through rehearsals all day long and performing in the evening.  So. Quality food, as much as is needed
(note: needed and not craved). No wasted calories. Protein is crucial. (Eggs! Nuts! Chicken!) Fruit and
veggies for grazing. Bananas are a great choice, as they also provide the potassium that keeps muscles
from cramping. Peanut butter on banana, yogurt and a fistful of nuts before the evening’s performance?
Perfect. Carbs, sure, but the purer and coarser the grain, the better for the body. Here, however, what I
seem to find from reading interviews about what certain dancers eat, is that dancers aren’t nutrition
purists. Some of them, in fact, like their junky food. A daily croissant sandwich (granted, with egg)? Face
it, croissants aren’t power food. With their refined white flour and high fat, they’re crap. (And oh, I love
them as a special treat.) Ice cream? It’s on more than one dancer’s list. Likewise, burger and fries. But
hey, why not, from time to time? Dancers have a high metabolism because they’re working, working,
working those bodies. And if it’s a quality lean hamburger (grass-fed beef!) with cheese and avocado and
sautéed mushrooms, not a bad choice at all.
But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a Pointe Magazine article where dancers tell us what they eat.
(The first one, frankly, shocks me. Yikes, it’s the fashion model mentality and not the Olympic athlete
one. Maybe it works for her, but, please, young women who are reading it, don’t go thinking you need to
emulate it.)

Now here’s Classical Girl’s  tips on how to eat like a dancer, or like an athlete, or just eat like a person on
a healthy diet.
•Make every calorie count. Eat tasty things that also happen to have good nutrition, like coarse breads or
nutty breads, salads with chunks of fresh veggies.
•Exercise. Lots. It makes meals taste so much better.
•Enjoy everything you eat. If it’s caloric and you love it, enjoy! If it’s caloric and you’re not enjoying it, dump
it in the trash.
•Graze on nuts between meals, especially ones you have to shell, like pistachios and peanuts. You won’t
eat too many that way. And toss out the Doritos and Fritos (but save the potato chips for a luxurious one-
ounce portion the next time you need, really need them to go with your sandwich).
•Be bad from time to time. Weirdly, this preserves a long-term diet better than anything. Measure out the
bad stuff, eat a small serving of it. Enjoy the hell out of it. But don’t go back for seconds. And never be bad
more than two days in a row – the scale will be cruel.
•Eat lots of fruit. Pre-cut it in the morning. A sliced apple will be eaten when a whole one can be easily
deferred. Ditto an orange that’s already been peeled. And how many of you have kept a cantaloupe in the
fridge for two weeks because you just can’t get around to cutting it open and slicing it up? I’ve had them
go bad on me in that way.
•Be good to yourself when things get tough. Recognize when you’re eating for the joy of it, versus eating
out of boredom, nervousness or even self-hate. In the latter two, be compassionate, observe it, and walk
away from the kitchen.
•Celebrate a good life through good food.

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