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Ana: Anorexia Nervosa

Mia: Bulimia Nervosa

Coe: Compulsive Over-eating disorder

Ednos: Eating disorder not otherwise specified

BED: Binge eating disorder.

ED: Eating disorder

SI: Self injury

MiAna: Having both anorexia and bulimia (this term is what I came up with for my first website, and since has been used on the net a
lot ... I have never seen the term used before until my first site went on the net.)

Pro-ana: This term infers being pro-active in the ED community, usually online. It does not mean promote ED's in any way, shape or

Thinspiration: Collection of thin looking peoples pictures, used to inspire those with ana/mia.

Anorectic: One who has anorexia.

CW: Current weight.

HW: Highest weight.

LW: Lowest weight.

GW: Goal Weight.

STGW: Short term goal weight.

LTGW: Long term goal weight.

FGW: Final goal weight.

IP: In patient.

BMI: Body Mass Index.

Fact: You can only purge up to 80% of calories consumed. Tip: Avoid high caloric binges,
instead eat things with a greater mass and less calories. Fruits and veggies are always a good
choice. Fact: Carbohydrate digestion starts in your mouth. Our salivary glands secrete
amylase, which is a digestive enzyme that begins the break down of carbs. Tip: Avoid eating
carbohydrates at the beginning of the meal, because you'll absorb more calories. Save the
carbs for desert. Fact: Fat is digested in the small intestines and therefore you feel fuller after
eating a high-fat meal. Tip: Eat the fat first because it takes a long time to digest, therefore
you'll absorbed less calories than eating carbs first. Beware, fat has twice as many kcals as
carbs and proteins. Fact: Laxatives do not affect calorie absorption. Most food and calories are
digested and absorbed in the small intestines and laxatives only affect the large intestines.
Yes, you'll lose weight, but the weight lost is from water and fecal matter. Tip: Only use
laxatives after a large meal that you did not purge afterwards, this way you'll see the real
amount of weight gained instead of the fecal matter gained.

Anorexia (Ana)
Bulimia (Mia)
Compulsive OverExercising (COE)
Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Anorexia (Ana)
Anorexia is characterized by a refusal to maintain a normal body weight. There are two types of Anorexia; Restricting and Purging.
The person does not eat, or eats very less. The person does not binge or purge in the episode.
The person does not eat, or very less, but finds herself to be in a binge, and compensates by purging (vomiting, laxatives, diuretics)

Bulimia (Mia)
Bulimia is characterized by periods of binge eating, followed by inappropriate ways to loose the food, like vomiting, laxatives,
There are two types of Bulimia: Purging and Non Purging
During the period of Bulimia, the person has regularly engaged self inducted vomiting, used laxatives, diuretics.
Non purging:
During current episode of Bulimia Nervosa, the person has used other inappropriate compensatory behaviors, such as fasting or
excessive exercise, but has not regularly engaged in self-induced vomiting or the misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas.

Compulsive Overexercise or Anorexia
Persons who have episodes of repeatedly exercising beyond the requirements of what is considered safe, and will find time at
any cost to do the exercise (including cutting school, taking off from work, hiding in the bathroom and exercising, etc.). The main
goal of the exercise can be burning calories and "relieving the guilt" from just having eaten or binged, or to give us "permission"
to eat.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
Binge eating disorder (BED) is the newest clinically recognized eating disorder. BED is primarily identified by repeated episodes of
uncontrolled eating. The overeating or binging does not typically stop until the person is uncomfortably full. Unlike anorexia
nervosa and bulimia however, BED is not associated with inappropriate behaviors such as vomiting or excessive exercise to rid
the body of extra food. The illness usually begins in late adolescence or in the early 20s, often coming soon after significant weight
loss from dieting.

When you don't really fit in the DSM criteria of Anorexia, Bulimia, BED, or COE, but you do have an eating disorder you may get
diagnosed ED-NOS.
In real life this can be like this:
- You fit all the criteria of anorexia, but you're not underweight (yet).
- You fit the criteria of anorexia for two months, and then switch over to bulimia for two months, to switch back to anorexia.
- When you don't fit one or two criteria, but there's obviously and eating disorder.

Pica is defined as a non-stop compulsive caring to eat non eatable things like cotton, paper, dirt, glass, ice...
It's used to fill the stomach, so you won't get hungry.
This is very dangerous, eating glass for example, speaks for itself.
Cotton, paper and stuff can not be digested, and will ruin your body!

Prader-Willi syndrome
Prader-Willi Syndrome is a congenital condition (present at birth) and is believed to be caused by an abnormality in the genes that
occurs (though statistically it does not seem to run in families). Children born with Prader-Willi Syndrome may have early feeding
difficulties that lead to tube feeding, and often have a degree of behavioral and/or mental problems (some severe).
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
BDD, or Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a preoccupation or obsession with a defect in visual appearance, whether that be an actual
slight imperfection or an imagined one. Some example of this would be obsessing to the point of severe depression (sometimes
including thoughts about or attempts at suicide) over physical attributes such as freckles, a large nose, blotchy skin, wrinkles,
acne, scarring. Though the preoccupation can include any part of the body; areas of the face and head, specifically the skin, hair
and nose, are most common.

Orthorexia Nervosa Orthorexia Nervosa is an obsession with a "pure" diet, where it interferes with a person's life. It becomes a
way of life filled with chronic concern for the quality of food being consumed. When the person suffering with Orthorexia Nervosa
slips up from wavering from their "perfect" diet, they may resort to extreme acts of further self-disipline including even strictor
regimens and fasting.

Found typically in body-building circles and known as muscle dysmorphia or reverse Anorexia, Bigorexia is a condition in which
the sufferer is constantly worried that they are too small. This goes beyond the typical body-building gym-goer, and transcends
into dangerous realms when men and women are willing to go to all lengths to increase muscle mass. Dr. Harrison Pope, of the
McLean Hospital, says, "there's nothing inherently pathological about being an avid gym-goer, but it shouldn't take over your life."
In likening Bigorexia to Anorexia he comments, "They are both disorders of body image, the preoccupations simply go in opposite