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The reason you are overweight is because there is a YIN-YANG battle going on deep within your brain, inside the
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C.A.R.T. (Cocaine.Amphetamine.Regulatory.Transcript.) is the “Good Guy”… and if you’re trying to lose weight it's
your Guardian Angel! The C stands for cocaine and the A for amphetamine because these drugs put this chemical
into overdrive. When C.A.R.T. is stimulated it increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and increases
insulin to deliver energy to your muscles rather than be stored as body fat.

NP-Y (Neuropeptide-Y) is the Villain. It’s a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. When
stimulated it will decrease your metabolism, cause your body temperature to drop, and increase your appetite.

THIS PRODUCT was designed to stimulate C.A.R.T. and inhibit NP-Y, thus helping you win the battle of the bulge.
(note: This product does not contain cocaine, amphetamine, ephedra, or cannabanoids. We found alternatives to
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After decades of research and scientific breakthroughs in the weight loss pills industry, we've finally discovered
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The main reason you're overweight is the back-and-forth battle going on deep within the brain inside the satiety
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also known as the good and the bad when it comes to weight loss.

CART (Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript) is your best friend if you're trying to lose weight. On the other
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On the other hand NPY is the enemy when it comes to weight loss. As a stress hormone, NPY kicks up the
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THIS PRODUCT is a product which was designed to stimulate CART while inhibiting NPY to help you lose weight
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What It Does:

Cocaine and Amphetamine kicks the body's CART into overdrive which helps to increase the metabolism, reduce
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This is a high performance weight loss supplement that utilizes a formula that is first of its kind! This is the first
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In short, CART is the good chemical component that triggers increased metabolism and lowers appetites and
NPY is the bad stress hormone that causes your body to lower in body temperature, decrease metabolism, and
increase appetite. Adjusting the CART and NPY in your body, Fenphadrine increases metabolism, reduces
appetite, increases muscle function, and reduces body fat storage.

But science aside, THIS  is one of the most popular weight loss products on the market. It has consistently
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There are multiple reports citing results ranging from 10 pounds per week to 33 pounds in just 3½ weeks.
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Chá de Bugre PILLS (Cordia ecalyculata / Cordia ecalyculata), a small tree 20-40 feet high and 1-2 feet in diameter with
its origins in Brazil is growing in various tropical areas of South America including Argentina and Paraguay. Thanks to
the red cherry fruit resembling coffee beans, Chá de Bugre is also known as 'café do mato' (coffee of the woods). In small
villages, you can still find many locals using it as a coffee substitute.

For centuries, Chá de Bugre has been known as a very potent weight loss aid and you can find it in pharmacies, stores
and even local stalls all around Brazil. Thanks to its wide range of applications, Chá de Bugre can be found in various
forms such as tea bags, tinctures and fluid extracts and from NHS In capsule form. BUY NOW BELOW...
Chá de Bugre LIQUID is a small tree native to Brazil. It is also found in tropical forest areas of Argentina and Paraguay.
In Brazil, it is commonly called café do mato (coffee of the woods) because it produces a red fruit that resembles a coffee
bean. The fruit can be roasted and brewed into tea as a coffee substitute. In Brazil Chá de Bugre is commonly used for its
traditional medicinal properties as a diuretic, an appetite suppressant and to help reduce cellulite. It is highly advertised as
a weight loss aid, especially along the beaches. It is not uncommon to see tea bags or extracts in stories and pharmacies
and even the beach-front stands along Rio de Janiero’s beautiful beaches. Even with its popularity, little has been done to
analyze the phytochemicals in the plant. It is known to contain caffeine, potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid. We prepare
our Chá de Bugre Extract from the dried leaves of the Chá de Bugre plant sourced directly from Brazil... BUY NOW BELOW...
How do I get rid of the cellulite on my thighs?
Cellulite is caused by irregular patterns of connective tissue beneath the skin, and as the adipose (fatty) tissue, which
forms in compartments of little honeycombs, pushes into the skin, it causes the dimpling of cellulite. It has been shown
that people who have cellulite have different patterns of connective tissue than people who don't, and men tend to have
this pattern much less than women. Cellulite is not directly a function of excess weight, but a genetic difference in the way
adipose tissue and connective tissue form. In fact, cellulite affects people whether they are overweight or not.
Biochemically, cellulite does not behave any differently than other fat, and there is no health risk from cellulite (some
evidence even suggests that lower extremity fat is protective against chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease).
To get rid of cellulite on thighs or even your stomach and arms wherever it might appear on your body try
read more below....
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Beat dimpled skin with our 14-day anti-cellulite diet
Want to reduce cellulite, get smoother thighs and lose up to 7lb? Try our seven-day anti-cellulite diet plan..
If ugly, dimpled thighs are putting a dampener on your appearance, our 14-day anti-cellulite plan could solve all your
'orange-peel' problems. Helen Foster, renowned diet expert, reveals how to get smooth legs and lose up to 7lb!

'No matter what beauty therapists might tell you, cellulite isn't a build-up of toxins, it's actually fat held in stacked lipid
boxes – pure and simple. If you gain weight or the collagen fibres holding those boxes together start to thicken, the
fat is squished upwards, creating a dimpled look.' And as this fat has high numbers of water-attracting cells, fluid is
drawn into those boxes, leading to more lumps. So the severity of your cellulite depends on: how much fat and fluid
your lipid boxes contain; how thick the collagen fibres become and how firm your skin is.

All of these factors are influenced by genetics, age and the number of free radicals in your system – but they can be
radically improved by the foods you eat. 'Your diet alone can determine whether you have cellulite,' says nutritional
therapist and homotoxicologist Karen Devine. So follow our four rules and banish the bumps. Four rules for beating
1. Reduce fluid retention
This is the most important rule, as eliminating excess fluid from your fat cells will dramatically reduce the amount
bulging from those stacked lipid boxes. So you need to cut out salt, drink more water and eat more naturally diuretic
foods, including cranberries, celery, fennel and asparagus.

2. Burn fat
While slim women do get cellulite, excess fat makes the condition far worse, so this diet plan gives around 1,400
calories a day, on which you should lose about 2lb of fat a week.

'To maximise fat burning, it's vital to increase your intake of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which triggers fat
release,' reveals nutritionist Henrietta Bailey of London's Pure Sports Medicine. In fact, when US researchers gave
one group of women a herbal anti-cellulite pill alone and another group the same pill plus 800mg CLA, the CLA group
lost two-thirds more fat from their thighs and were five times more likely to say their cellulite had improved. Try
Maxinutrition Promax Lean, £17.49, Boots.

3. Plump your skin
'Cellulite looks worse on dehydrated skin,' says Henrietta. This is because the more water there is in your skin cells,
the plumper the skin will be over the fat boxes and the less the dimpling will show.

Healthy fats hydrate the skin because they encourage fluid to remain inside the skin cells rather than in the fat cells.
So nuts, seeds, olives and oily fish are important elements of this plan.

4. Decrease oestrogen levels
'The women of Peru don't have cellulite, which, I believe, is down to the fact that they have a diet high in natural
phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens), which balances their oestrogen levels,' says New York-based cellulite specialist
Dr Lionel Bissoon, author of 'The Cellulite Cure' (Meso Press, £21.50).

Oestrogen is involved in cellulite production as it triggers the production of fat cells and encourages fluid retention.
In fact, according to Karen Devine, 'One of the most important cellulite-fighting foods is flaxseed, which contains
hormone modulators called lignans, which lower excess oestrogen levels.' Just sprinkle one to two tablespoons of
flaxseed (also known as linseed) over your morning cereal or porridge.
Try Linwood Milled Organic Flaxseed, £5.99 for 425g, from Holland & Barrett. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and
Brussels sprouts also contain mild phytoestrogens.

If you follow these rules it will help in the fight against cellulite, but how do you incorporate them all into your life?
Easy – our seven-day diet does it all for you.

Follow it for two weeks to visibly improve surface cellulite and tackle fluid retention, and for up to six weeks to
create a longer-lasting effect that targets the problem at the source. Not only that, you'll also be really re-energised on
this plan.

Feel free to mix and match the ingredients – for example, if the diet suggests salmon, it's okay to swap it for another
oily fish. Just make sure you stick to the same quantities. Each day, drink two litres of low or no-calorie fluid such as
water, diet soda or herbal tea.

If you suffer from fluid retention, have one or two cups of dandelion or fennel tea a day to help flush out fluid faster.
What to eat on the seven-day anti-cellulite diet
Day 1
Breakfast 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt topped with 1 chopped apple and 1tbsp ground flaxseed. 200ml (7fl oz)
cranberry juice.

Lunch Salad of rocket, dandelion leaves and 5-6 sun-dried tomatoes topped with 25g (1oz) grated Parmesan and
100g (4oz) sliced chicken. Serve with 2 slices of linseed bread (available from health food stores) spread with a
little low-fat hummus.

Dinner 100g (4oz) grilled salmon served with unlimited asparagus and 3-4 new potatoes.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 1 handful of any nut, 1 orange and 125g (41/2oz) low-fat cottage cheese.
Day 2
Breakfast 1 boiled egg served with 2 slices of toasted linseed bread and a thin scraping of low-fat spread. 200ml (7fl oz) cranberry juice.

Lunch 100g (4oz) low-fat hummus mixed with 1tbsp flaxseed served with unlimited crudités made with carrots, celery, red peppers and broccoli florets.

Dinner 100g (4oz) grilled chicken breast served with unlimited red cabbage and peas and 50g (2oz) couscous.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt, 2 celery sticks dipped in 1tbsp of peanut butter and 1 slice of watermelon.

Day 3
Breakfast Smoothie made with 200ml (7fl oz) skimmed milk blended with 1 banana and 1tbsp flaxseed. Fruit salad made with 1 orange, 1 pear and a large slice of watermelon
chopped into pieces.

Lunch Potato salad made with 4-5 sliced new potatoes mixed with 2 chopped celery sticks and 1 apple mixed with 1tbsp low-fat mayonnaise or tzatziki dip. Top with 50g (2oz)
smoked salmon.

Dinner 125g (41/2oz) lean steak with unlimited vegetables (such as courgettes, red peppers and aubergines) roasted with a little olive oil and rosemary. Serve with 150g (5oz)
mashed butter beans.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt or crème fraîche, 1 orange and 1 handful of nuts.

Day 4
Breakfast 3 oatcake biscuits topped with 1 mashed banana. Serve with 2-3 handfuls of raspberries or other berries. 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt.

Lunch Sandwich made from two slices of linseed bread spread with a little mayonnaise and filled with 75g (3oz) sliced chicken, unlimited cucumber and tomatoes. Serve with
200g (7oz) lentil soup.

Dinner Frittata made by mixing two eggs with 25g (1oz) low-fat grated cheese, unlimited sliced asparagus and 2-3 slices of chopped lean ham. Cook in a saucepan on a low
heat until the bottom solidifies, then pop under the grill to finish. Serve with unlimited fennel chopped and sautéed with onions and unlimited broccoli.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 1 orange or peach, 125g (41/2oz) low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple mixed with 1tbsp flaxseed and 1 apple, sliced and dipped into 1tbsp
peanut butter.

Day 5
Breakfast 1 chopped peach and 1 pear mixed with 2 handfuls of raspberries and mixed with a splash of cranberry juice. Top with 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt and 1tbsp

Lunch 150g (5oz) jacket potato topped with coleslaw made with unlimited shredded cabbage and carrot and 1tbsp low-fat salad dressing.

Dinner 125g (41/2oz) white fish baked in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200°C/180°C fan/Gas 6 and topped with a sauce made with 2-3 chopped tomatoes, 5-6 sliced black
olives and a little chopped onion. Serve with cauliflower cheese made with unlimited cauliflower and a sauce made with 12g (1/2oz) flour, 12g (1/2oz) butter, 125ml (4fl oz)
skimmed milk, 50g (2oz) low-fat grated cheese.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 2 celery sticks dipped in 1tbsp hummus, 1 handful of nuts and 1 pear or peach.
Day 6
Breakfast 40g (11/2oz) porridge oats and skimmed milk topped with 1tsp cinnamon and 1tbsp flaxseed. 200ml (7fl oz) cranberry juice.

Lunch Salad made with rocket, pear and celery mixed with 1tbsp low-fat mayonnaise. Serve with 100g (4oz) tinned salmon.

Dinner 100g (4oz) pork cut into cubes and threaded into kebabs. Alternate with 3-4 pineapple cubes, sliced courgette and red pepper. Grill and serve with 50g (2oz) brown rice.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 2 oatcakes, 2 handfuls of berries, 125g (41/2oz) low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese and 1 orange.

Day 7
Breakfast Smoothie made with 200ml (7fl oz) skimmed milk, 2-3 handfuls of berries, 1 banana, 1tbsp flaxseed. 2 oatcakes spread with a little low-fat spread.

Lunch 100g (4oz) lean roast beef with unlimited cauliflower and cabbage with 1tbsp low-fat gravy.

Dinner 2 slices of bread topped with half an avocado, mashed, and served with 50g (2oz) chicken and sliced tomatoes. Serve with 200g (7oz) tomato soup.

Snacks to eat when you're hungry 1 handful of any variety of nut, 1 slice of watermelon and 1 orange.
Cellulite – it's the bane of almost every woman's life, 90% of us in fact! With the summer fast approaching, it's almost time to slip into that skimpy bikini and catch a few
glorious rays. But if you're worried about revealing orange peel thighs, fret not – we've got some quick-fix tips to blast away unsightly lumps and bumps, ready for beach
Read on to discover how to get rid of cellulite fast!
As the warmer weather starts to make an appearance, thoughts turn to summer skirts, bare legs and laid-back bikini basking. Nothing throws a spanner in the works like
bumpy, dimpled skin. Cellulite happens to the best of us, and no matter how many wondrous lotions and potions you apply in a desperate attempt to make it disappear, those
dreaded cellulite dimples will undoubtedly make a pesky appearance, just when you're ready to throw on your swimsuit.

Around 90% of women – and virtually no men – suffer with cellulite. Cellulite is a build up of fat cells found underneath the top layer of the skin, which pushes against the
connective tissue, causing the skin above it to gather and dimple. Cellulite can be linked to a number of causes including diet, dehydration and poor circulation. Even the
thinnest of thighs can be plagued with cellulite bumps, so the best way to combat is with a healthy diet and frequent exercise. But to help banish any excess lumps and
bumps, here are some quick-fix remedies to try at home, that will help reduce the build-up of cellulite dents and perfect those pins ready for summer.

1. Hydrate And Flush Away Toxins
Keep your body fully hydrated with as much water as possible. The recommended daily amount is at least eight glasses of water per day. Hydrating your body keeps skin cells
fresh and energised, as well as flushing away any build up of harmful toxins. This will help to reduce and prevent any further outbreaks of cellulite.

2. Get Your Five-A-Day
Keeping to a healthy diet filled with wholesome vegetables and fruits will give your body and skin a welcome dose of vitamins and nutrients, as well as keeping your weight
at a healthy level. Fruit and veg will help to keep the body trim, as well as providing water, to keep the body and skin fully hydrated, thus keeping cellulite lumps to a bare

3. Eat Healthy Fats
Eating foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids work wonders on the skin. Avocados, oily fish, olives, nuts and olive oil are loaded with the stuff, and will help to keep skin
toned, smooth and glowingly beautiful.

4. Build Up A Sweat
Working out will not only help to de-stress, it will help your body sweat out any nasty toxins, as well keeping your body toned and super-trim.

5. Brush And Massage Your Skin
A vigorous massage or skin brushing session will help to break down the appearance of cellulite dimples. Massaging with a soft, bristled brush will help to stimulate the
lymphatic system and draw away toxins from the skin. The best way is to massage the skin in a circular motion over your thighs and bottom, around two-three times per week.
This will help to break down the fatty deposits in the skin that cause cellulite bumps.
Secrets to Thinner Thighs
Millions, if not billions of dollars are spent each year by people trying to reshape their hips and thighs, yet few of
these people ever achieve the shape they desire.
I’ve spent the past 20 years or so helping people, primarily women, target the hips and thighs I have found that there
are 3 things you must do to be successful at reshaping the hips and thighs.
So are you ready to learn the 3 simple steps?
Ok… here we go.
Stop the storage of new fat!
Exercising is pointless if later that day or the next you are adding more fat. One thing you must fully understand is
this: we don’t store fat due to a lack of exercise, we store fat because we supply too many calories at a time. So
exercising to lose fat is a waste of time unless you can stop storing new fat and the most effective method of
stopping the storage of new fat is to stabilize energy levels.
Many people don’t even understand what energy is. Energy isn’t how you feel, energy is the amount of fuel in your
body, more specifically, it’s the amount of fuel in the blood stream. So you can have no fuel in the blood stream yet
feel fine and vice versa. The “energy” that most people have is actually more determined by the blood flow in the
body. The greater the blood flow and circulation the more oxygen and nutrients your body receives, more efficiently,
and to portions of the body that normally don’t receive as much blood flow.
This however, is not energy. This is simply how you feel. Energy is directly related to fuel available in the body, which
is what you eat. So to simplify it energy levels are controlled by what you eat.
The human body is constantly burning calories, 24 hours a day and the amount varies based on how active you are at
different points throughout the day. So the key to stopping the storage of new fat is to only give the body the amount
of fuel it needs. For example, if your body needs 400 calories but you give it 700, there’s extra and there’s only two
places the extra calories can go: muscles cells or fat cells.
The first place the body wants to send the extra calories is the muscles cells but most of the time they are full so
there’s only one other place to go: FAT cells! So your goal is to MATCH YOUR EATING TO YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL – GIVE
YOUR BODY ONLY WHAT IT NEEDS. The next question is, how do you know what your body needs. Well, it varies from
person to person and no number or point system can do that for you. The easiest way to figure it out is too continue
eating what you eat now, provided your weight is not going up, but break it up into smaller and more frequent
You’ve probably hear it before, “Eat 5-6 meals per day.” Well, there’s a good reason for it. Eating smaller and more
frequent meals/snacks makes it easier to give the right amount of food and not extra. This is a complex topic and
one that requires a more detailed explanation, which I do not have time for in this article.
Just remember this:
Stop the storage of new fat before you even think about trying to burn off the existing fat
Ok, on to step 2…
Increase metabolism with progressive strength training and high intensity cardiovascular exercise.
This is easier said then done. I speak with so many women who say “I don’t know why it’s not working, I strength
train 2-3 times each week.” Well, just because you exercise doesn’t mean it’s going to give you the desired result.
The one reason I think most people are unsuccessful with exercise is the lack of progression. They do the same
exercises all the time, using the same weight, and never do anything to make it more challenging. You must give the
body a reason to change.
There are numerous ways to be progressive with exercise but here are just a few.
For strength training:
increase the weight and or repetitions
rest less between exercises
change exercises frequently
For cardiovascular or aerobic exercise:
increase speed
increase time/distance
increase resistance/incline
change exercises frequently
perform intervals
Ok… on to step 3
3. Target those trouble spots
Let’s say that you are really trying to tighten and tone your hips and thighs. Rather than waste your time on the
inner/outer thigh machine week after week, you should incorporate some of the techniques I described above and
use with caution my BLASTING technique which I’ll cover now.
Just as it sounds you are trying to really shock the muscles into making large improvements in a short period of
time. Norm ally you would strength train a muscle group once or twice a week at a moderate to hard intensity level.
When you are trying to BLAST an area you train it more often, perform more sets and reps, and with higher intensity.
Here’s a sample strength training program that uses multiple techniques combined over a 5 week period for a
BLASTING effect on the hips and thighs:
Workout A
-Leg curl
-Leg extension
-Glute machine / raise
Workout B
-Leg press (wide stance)
-Hamstring bridge
-Wall sit
Workout C
-Stationary lunge
-Leg curl (no rest to next exercise)
Week  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  
1  Upper Body     A Lower Body
Upper Body  
2  B  Lower
2 sets 15-20 reps     C  Lower
1 set – slow 8-12 reps     B  Lower
3 sets 6-10 reps  
3  Upper     A  Lower – moderate workout     Upper  
4  C Lower – 2 sets 6-10 reps slow     Upper     A Lower – 3 sets 10-15 reps  
5  B Lower – 4 sets 10-12 reps     Upper     C Lower – 2 sets 12-15 reps  

This is just a quick example I just came up with off the top of my head and it may not be right for you but I just want
you to get the point. You need to force change. The human body doesn’t like it… it disrupts things. I should also say
that techniques like this should NOT be used often as you can quickly and easily over train and that does not help you
meet your goals.
If you apply just some of the techniques I talked about you will be sure to see some noticeable if not dramatic
changes. Just remember, work hard and smart!
As always consult a doctor before starting an exercise or diet program...

The best diet supplement to get THINNER THIGHS IS CHAD,

Getting slimmer legs is today a real concern for many women, and although there is a lot of information over the
internet, most of them will only make legs get stronger and unfortunately, look thicker, not thinner. It is considerable
easier to sign up into many city gyms and start doing some squats than focus on doing the right exercises to actually
get slimmer legs, without making them to lose their strength and with leg muscles perfectly toned and with a great
look. Patience is critical on the way to get slimmer legs. Here we present three things to achieve them and at the
same time keeping them strong and beautiful.
It is amazing how a simple exercise like walking could have so many benefits. Walking goes beyond helping women
to get slimmer legs, but also help them to keep healthy and reduce risks of many diseases. First of all, walking is
critical to weight control, reducing risks of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Walking is also
useful in controlling blood pressure by strengthening the heart. Additionally, walking help to boost good cholesterol
thus, reducing the risk of a stroke. All of these benefits will help as a support in the way to obtain slimmer legs.
However, is important to notice that walking to obtain slimmer legs is different from walking to obtain stronger and
thicker legs. To obtain slimmer legs it is crucial to walk over horizontal surfaces, avoiding cliffs and inclines. We don’
t want muscles to get stronger. We want to burn fat in the legs primarily, but with the same strength.
Diet is critical to help women not only to obtain slimmer legs, but to greatly increase healthy conditions and energy.
Obviously, walking will do nothing to obtain slimmer legs if at the same time a person has bad eating habits, like
eating fatty food several times a day. No matter what kind of diet is chosen, the amount of calories ingested every
day must be controlled in order to consume an adequate amount in relation to age, gender and physical activity of the
person. It is not necessary to become mad about exactly how many calories are consumed by every meal eaten. It is
enough to do gross calculations applying commons sense to avoid very fatty food.
Swimming is the best exercise for obtaining slimmer legs. In fact, swimming is probably the best exercise to tone
most muscles, which at the same time means loosing of cellulite. Swimming is great because everybody can
practice it because it does not strain any part of the body. Swimming must be vigorous and it is recommended to
practice free style through the long part of the pool. From 30 to 45 minutes a day will be fine.

Whether it's genetics, an athletic past, or a couch that's to blame, many women worry over the size of their legs
when the weather gets warmer. Take a look at the following tips on how to make thick legs look thinner before hiding
under those jeans again this year.

Start making your legs appear thinner by adding a little contour.

Stand with your toes touching a wall, and gently push your body up 5-10 times, with only the power of your legs, for a
bit of all over muscle building. You won't bulk up, and you will add a bit of definition. Repeat daily.

Apply a self tanning lotion. A slight glow makes the entire body appear thinner, and also hides imperfections such as
spider veins, stretch marks, etc.

Add a bit of bronzer to the shins and top of thighs. A smooth, highlighted line down the center of the legs gives off the
illusion of sleekness and greater definition.

Top well known workouts which would help you to make your thighs look slimmer and sexier within a month:

. Dumbbell Squat: You might find this workout difficult to master. First you need to stand straight with your feet in an
extended position. Carry dumbbells on both your hands and let them fall naturally on your sides of your body. Then try
to go down slowly and put the thighs parallel onto the floor. While doing this exercise, you must be sure that your
back is in straight position.

. Stationary Bike: Before starting this workout it needs to be efficiently configured. The seat should be in such
position that when the leg touches the pedal stroke you experience a slight bend on you knee. After that you can
adjust the handlebar in order to maximize your comfort level. Try not to bend much as it might lead to back pain. In
this case, if you have the potential to carry out this exercise for 30 long minutes then you would definitely get thinner
thighs within a week.

. Lying Leg Abduction: This workout can be a bit difficult, but yes it can be done with some effort. First lie down on
your right side allowing your right arm to support your body. At this position, you must keep you right leg straight
whereas the left leg should be slightly bent. Now start lifting the right leg so that you experience a contraction on the
inner muscles of your thigh.

Final words
All the  recommendations stated above should be done in conjunction to achieve better results. Most of the
exercises will take daily time and some people with very busy schedules could encounter that a little tedious, but is
a matter of organization and willpower fuelled by the desire to reach the goal of getting and maintaining slimmer legs.
First of all, let me begin by saying that being short does not go against the concept of beauty
as defined by society. It is absolutely fine to look short. Shorter people are cute, cuddly and
come across as lovable and huggable! Good things do come in small packages. However, if
you feel you would still like to add a few more inches to your height, don those three-inch
stilettos and read on.
The tools and information on the this site are intended as an aid to weight loss and weight maintenance, and do not offer medical advice. If you suffer from, or think you may suffer from, a medical condition you
should consult your doctor before starting a weight loss and/or exercise regime. If you decide to start exercising after a period of relative inactivity you should start very slowly and consult your doctor if you
experience any discomfort, distress or any other symptoms. If you feel any discomfort or pain when you exercise, do not continue. The tools and information on the this site are not intended
for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, or for any person under the age of 18.
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