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What is a Raw Food?

We call food raw if it is:
•Uncooked - never heated above 42 C/118 F degrees.

And preferably:
•Unprocessed - as fresh (or wild) as possible
•Organic - no irradiation, preservatives, pesticides or GMO.

Why eat raw food?

"Why is the benefit of eating food raw?" is another question I'm asked a lot. The most important reasons are
to me that heating your food above 115 degrees F (45 Celsius):

•Kills enzymes. Enzymes help you digest your food. Your body can create enzymes but that process takes a
lot of energy. This process makes you feel tired and heavy after a cooked food meal. Further, the enzymes
your body makes are not as efficient and effective as the ones that were destroyed in your food.

Consequently, your food is not be broken down as well and thus harder to digest. This also results in food
starts rotting in your intestines, that parasites have more chance to survive

It is further believed that your body has a limited amount of enzymes that it can produce. If the supply is
finished, body organs will function less and less. It will accelerate aging.

•Changes the pH of the food and makes food acidic. We like to eat alkaline foods. Eating acidifying food
makes your body a welcome feeding ground for disease.

•Converts easy to absorb minerals into inorganic - hard to absorb - minerals. inorganic minerals such as
calcium are hard to absorb and might cause calcium stones, whereas organic ones are easier to digest,
make you alkaline, help you get rid of too many acids

•Destroys most vitamins

•Destroys the life force. Eating cooked food is eating dead food. This will make you feel heavy and tired.
Live food has live energy. It will give you energy. Simply put. A raw seed will grow, a cooked seed won't.
When you pick (raw) unripe fruit it continues to ripen for weeks. Cooked fruit starts to decay within days.

These reasons are enough to explain why most people on a raw food diet feel more energetic and have a
stronger immune system.

What are the (health) benefits of eating a raw food diet?

The raw food diet benefits are endless. The major benefits are weight loss and better overall health.

When your diet consist of more than 75% raw foods, here are just some of the improvements likely to
happen to you.
•More energy
•Up to 3 hours less sleep
•Weight loss
•More beautiful skin
•Clarity of mind and better memory
•Improved immune system
•Improved fertility
•Prevent or even reverse diabetes

What can you eat on a raw food diet?

Generally raw foodies eat at least 75% of raw fruits, vegetables, (germinated) seeds, (germinated) nuts and
super foods and sprouts (see video from David Wolfe on home page.)

You can eat them plain or you can juice or blend them for easier absorption.

If you like gourmet foods, there are many raw food cook books telling you how to make gourmet raw food
and there are some fantastic raw food restaurants. Pure Food & Wine - a 100% raw and vegan restaurant in
Manhattan - was named in the list of Top 50 best restaurants in NY by the Time Out Magazine.

Why is eating a raw food diet good for the planet?

Eating raw is good for the planet because:

"Assembly-line meat factories consume enormous amounts of energy, pollute water supplies, generate
significant greenhouse gases and require ever-increasing amounts of corn, soy and other grains, a
dependency that has led to the destruction of vast swaths of the world s tropical rain forests." NY Times,

•Raw foodies choose food that is not processed, sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and that is not
genetically modified. Today, even a polar bear baby is born with over 200 chemicals in his blood. If you eat
raw you contribute to a cleaner world.

•Most raw foodies are vegan/vegetarian. Marianne Theme, member of the Dutch parliament since 2996,
estimated in 2010 that eating a vegetarian diet will reduce the world s CO2 emission by 58%.

•You need hundreds of pounds of soy, corn and other grains, to feed the animals until they are ready to be
killed. Food necessary to feed the animals until they can be slaughtered. For cows it is estimated that you
need 60 pounds of animal feed to get 1 pound of beef.

•People in Africa die from hunger. Rain forests are cut to make place for soy and corn fields to feed the
animals. Soy and corn is heavily sprayed with tremendous amounts of chemicals and genetically modified.
These chemicals pollute the earth and what is eaten by the animals is stored their fat.

•If everyone in the world would stop eating meat, there would be enough grain available to feed the world
population (at least) 7 times! If every person in the world would stop eating meat just one day a week, i.e.
Every Monday they would save grains equivalent to feed our world population of 7 billion, ONE time. Just

If meat would be of the past. Pollution would decrease tremendously, rain forest would be saved, Assembly-
line meat factories would be of the past. Aggressive behavior would disappear largely, as well as obesity
and many illnesses. The Dutch government has been talking about a tax on meat. I'm all in for it. World wide
a tax on meat with a rate of 1000%!

What can you eat on a raw food diet?

Generally raw foodies eat at least 75% of raw fruits, vegetables, (germinated) seeds, (germinated) nuts and
super foods and sprouts (see video from David Wolfe on home page.

You can eat them plain or you can juice or blend them for easier absorption.

If you like gourmet foods, there are many raw food cook books telling you how to make gourmet raw food
and there are some fantastic raw food restaurants. Pure Food & Wine - a 100% raw and vegan restaurant in
Manhattan - was named in the list of Top 50 best restaurants in NY by the Time Out Magazine

This restaurant shows that you can have raw vegan ice creams, lasagna, chocolate cake, taco's etc. And
that these may be better than anything you've ever eaten.
Go here for over 50 raw food recipes. From juicing and smoothies to breakfast and gourmet.

How do you get enough vegan protein?

On a raw food diet you may wonder where to get your protein. But you don't need to worry:

•Based on 700 studies, a diet consisting of about 7% protein is more than enough for most people.("The
China Study" by Dr Campbell)

•Raw food has much more usable protein and of higher quality than cooked food. So you'll need less.

•Multiple studies show that eating vegan protein is much healthier for you than protein from animals (dairy
and meat).

•The best sources of non animal protein are green leafy vegetables, nuts & seeds, (wheat) grasses,
sprouts, grains. Click here for complete list.

•Look at this nutrition chart to get an exact breakdown of where you could get your raw protein.

Where do you get your calcium and iron on a raw food diet?

In the western world you grow up believing that meat and dairy are the best and highest source of calcium
and iron.

So, what if you are on a raw food diet and are vegan - thus don't eat any cheese and meat?

Extensive study was done on this subject. Mostly by Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens and Brian
Clemens. They found that the best source of minerals is in green leafy vegetables, sprouts, seaweeds and
germinated seeds & nuts.

The best vegan source of calcium is sesame seeds. But also almonds, broccoli, cabbage, collards,
dandelion greens, Dulce (a seaweed), kale, prunes. And uncooked they're much easier to absorb.

The best vegan sources of iron are spinach, swiss chart, prune juice, beet greens, sesame seeds,
cashews, raisins, apricots, water melon, kale, sunflower seeds, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, sun dried
tomatoes, seaweeds, flax seed.

That's why drinking fresh vegetable juices on a raw vegan diet is very important. Vegetable juices are
concentrated mineral juices. Learn more about how to make them and get recipes here.

Is it safe to eat food raw?

When you're on a raw food diet, you may be concerned about e-coli on spinach, salmonella, parasites? You
may think: "Is it really safe to eat raw food? I'm sure there must have been a reason why people started
cooking their food?"

Before people had a fridge, cooking their food was the best way to kill parasites and bacteria. Louis Pasteur
"invented" pasteurization to ensure that food was safe to eat for everyone. However, today this method is
obsolete. It doesn't just kill the bad bacteria, it also kills the good ones, as well as the enzymes, makes the
food acidic, takes away vitamins and minerals, etc.

Today, we have much better methods for keeping our food safe. Some methods are:
•Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide;
•Vacuum Sealing.
recipes.. click here..
source and more tips and recipes for raw foods..