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Rita Sahatçiu Ora (born 26 November 1990) is a British singer, songwriter and actress. Her debut studio album, Ora
(2012), debuted at number one in the United Kingdom, and spawned the number-one singles "R.I.P." and "How We
Do (Party)". After reaching the peak position as a featured act on DJ Fresh's "Hot Right Now", Ora became the artist
with the most number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, with three consecutive singles that reached
the top position.[2] She was nominated for three awards at the 2013 BRIT Awards.[3] The first single from her
second album, "I Will Never Let You Down", debuted atop the UK Singles Chart in 2014, making Ora the second
British solo female artist to score four UK number ones, after Geri Halliwell.[4]
Personal life

Ora is of Albanian ethnicity and speaks some Albanian. Asked about her religion, Ora stated: "I believe in God and I’
m of Muslim culture, but my parents never forced me. Above all, they raised me with the idea that I could make my
own choices and have my own beliefs."[82]Previously linked with Bruno Mars,[83] Ora started dating Calvin Harris
in May 2013.[84] They split up in June 2014.[85]

Rita recently joined a tough ‘fat camp’ in Austria. The camp is essentially for those people who want to lose weight
or reduce fat. The camp follows extreme measures for fat reduction and has practices like consumption of Epsom
salt. Epsom salt is a diuretic and helps in losing weight by clearing excessive water from the body. Other measures
for fat reduction in the camp include feeding on broth and boiled potatoes. Rita has to chew each mouthful of food
around 30 times so that she can lower her calorie intake. The workouts and exercise regimes followed at this boot
camp are quite extreme as well and Rita follows a tough exercise schedule for maintaining her body weight.

All the residents of the clinic (including Rita) have to rise at 7 am in the morning. They have to take 3 liters of water
a day. 1 liter of this filtered water is to be consumed in the morning itself. They are provided with a ‘base powder’
which they consume in order to boost and neutralize their body’s metabolic processes. The name of the clinic is
Viva Mayr clinic. Staying at the clinic costs 1500 pounds a night.

Rita seems to be impressed by Rihanna’s figure and body shape and her efforts seem to guide her towards
acquiring a Rihanna type body figure. Earlier, Rita has been said to copy Rihanna’s clothing and wardrobe. She was
also once called understudy of Rihanna by rapper Azealia Banks. Rita took the statement as a compliment.

Rita has to perform certain exercises in order to maintain her figure and to avoid the accumulation of fat on her
lean figure. Her diet has been planned in such a way that she gets all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals while
having low amount of fats and carbohydrates. Her exercises are performed in sets and aim at improving the
cardiovascular and other systems of the body.

The hardcore exercises and extreme diet pattern followed by Rita at the Austrian camp will help her to get the
desired shape and looks for her upcoming summer tour. Rita has got a number of fans who would like to see her
looking perfect and beautiful while performing on stage or when she appears for her promos.

Rita Ora height and weight.. Rita is 5 feet and five and a half inches. Her weight is 55 kgs.
Rita Ora shares her recipe for getting over heartbreak

'I Will Never Let You Down' songstress Rita Ora split from boyfriend Calvin Harris earlier this summer and has
revealed that she surrounds herself with friends and eats carbs when she's getting over a break up.

Speaking to German magazine Bravo, the beauty admitted that now is the right time to surround herself with loved
ones and she's making an effort to keep in touch with everyone while she's on tour:

"I'm constantly on tour so I cherish their closeness. That's why I try not to think about the whole situation too much.
I tell myself, 'now is the time for friends!"

When asked what else she does to distract herself from heartbreak, Ora added that indulging in her favourite
foods helps: "I stock up on carbs! I love burgers and chips!"

Ora also recently shared her top beauty tips and confessed that wearing lipstick helps to make her feel glamorous:
"Some people are intimidated to wear a bold lip or eye, but I think it's nice to stand out. I was such a tomboy as a
kid; I was on the football team. But now I love dressing up and putting on makeup. What I'm really proud of is being
able to put lipstick on without a mirror."

"Red lips are my thing; I honestly can't be me without them. I could apply it on a roller coaster! I'm going to film
myself doing that and put it on YouTube. Just wait."

Fried Chicken by Rita Ora  
Fried Chicken by Rita Ora
Fried Chicken
This talented singer, songwriter and actress was born in a small city called Pristina in Kosovo. When she was
young, Rita’s parents moved to London to escape their war-riddled homeland. They settled in West London where
Rita and her older sister, Elena, and younger brother, Don, shared a small flat with their parents.Rita’s mom, Vera,
studied to be a doctor, but instead became a psychiatrist and her dad, Nick, owned bars and a lot of restaurants.
When she was six, Rita started singing in a choir and because she had such a strong voice at such a young age,
her choir director recommended Rita enroll in London’s top performing arts school, Sylvia Young Theatre School.
There she studied singing, songwriting, dance and drama. Rita is the first artist to have had three consecutive
number one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012: Hot Right Now, How We Do (Party) and R.I.P. Rita, who used to
work on weekends for money, became a guest judge on the ninth series of The X Factor UK. Rita Hayworth is her
early inspiration for wanting to pursue an acting career
Her favourite recipe is her fried chicken which she shares with us.


4 x Chicken portions
Salt and pepper
100g dry bread crumbs
15ml Cooking oil
25g Butter
1 Cup cake flour
1 Egg
1 Orange


Wipe the chicken pieces clean with paper towel. Cut off any excess skin or fat. Put three tablespoons flour and
your spices in a plastic bag. Add the chicken pieces to bag and shake well until covered. Rinse the orange, wipe it
dry and grate the skin finely onto a plate. Add the bread crumbs and mix through. In a bowl, break the egg and beat
it lightly. Brush the chicken pieces with the egg and then roll them in the crumb mixture, pressing the crumbs into
the chicken so that it is covered completely. Place it on a plate and leave it uncovered in the fridge for a while so
that the crumbs really stick to the chicken. Heat the oil and butter in a pan. Fry the chicken pieces for 15-20
minutes over low heat, turning them every now and then until cooked. To make sure it is cooked, poke the chicken
with a fork. If the juice is clear, it is done. If the juice is still pink, fry for a bit longer. Drain the chicken pieces on
paper towel to absorb the oil and serve. You can easily double mixture,
as this chicken is tasty and so easy to make.