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Alex Morgan is an American soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. She is a forward for National
Women’s Soccer League club Portland Thorns FC and the U.S. Women’s National Team. She was the
youngest player on the U.S roster at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her record-breaking game-
winning goal in the 123rd minute against Canada during the 2012 London Olympics was her 20th goal in
2012 and propelled her to becoming the sixth and youngest U.S. player to do so in a single year. Morgan
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Canadian star midfielder, who also plays for Vancouver Whitecaps FC. she is #2 in list
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countries. her mother was Canadian and father was USA citizen. she made her in
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professional debut for the Boston Breakers in the NWSL during the league’s inaugural
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Alexandra Blaire Krieger, one of the most beautiful soccer player in
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Alexandra Blaire Krieger Height: 5' 6" (1.73 m) Weight: 136.7 lbs
Selina Wagner..
With the grace and elegance that she shows on the ground, it can be said
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Strength training and power training will build strength and power, two very necessary components for speed, a
vital skill in soccer. In order to be fast, you need to be powerful and to be powerful you need to train using powerful

When the goal is not to gain size, strength training becomes very specific. Using sports specific training variables,
like combining heavy weights with fast moving reps to build power, or bodyweight and plyometric training to mimic
game day situations, you will increase a soccer players' speed and agility. Unilateral training, or training one leg at a
time, and stability training will also help to reduce injury and train an athlete's body in the way it will be required to
work on the field during play.

Machines are not ideal when strength training for sport. While using a machine will improve your strength, they
provide you with artificial stabilization. In order to use the machine and make it work, the machine locks you into a
specific plane of motion eliminating a key component to functional sports-specific training. You want to train your
muscles in the way they will be used on the field, so while the hamstring curl machine will make your hamstring
stronger, when playing soccer, your hamstring is used to extend the leg, not curl it into your butt, so doesn't help
your performance much.

The following exercises utilize these beneficial training methods while focusing on the posterior chain, a muscle
group that includes the glutes and hamstrings, with the primary mover being the gluteaus maximus. Responsible
for a player's speed and power, the motion of the posterior chain when properly developed is almost like clawing
back into the ground, like a sprinter coming off the blocks, as opposed to pushing your forward.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Stand in a staggered stance with your left foot in front of your right in front of a bench or step that hits you right at
knee height. Reach your right foot back, placing the instep on top of the bench. Your left foot should be directly
underneath your right hip, or a few inches in front. Keeping your weight on your front heel and your chest up, flex
at the knee and the hips to lower into the squat. Your knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Driving through the
heel extend through the knee and hip to return to starting position. For extra resistance, use dumbbells or a

Forward BOSU Lunge

Stand with feet together facing the BOSU, blue side up, about 3 feet away. Step forward with your left foot, landing
on the center of the BOSU. Once you catch your balance (which will happen quicker with time) flex at both knees to
lower into a lunge. Push off of the BOSU, bringing your left foot back to meet your right and repeat on the other
side. To make it harder, use the black side of the BOSU.

Bent Leg Deadlift

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, toes directly under a loaded barbell. Keeping your back straight, bend at
the hips and knees to lower yourself and grasp the bar, shoulder width apart. This is your starting position. Begin
the lift by simultaneously pushing through your heels and extending through the knees and waist, being careful to
keep your back straight through out. Extend completely through the hips and knees, driving your hips forward
against the bar. Pause, then slowly lower the barbell back to the ground, keeping the back straight, bending at the
hips and then the knees. Rest the weight on the ground to get rid of elastic energy in between reps. The movement
should be explosive but controlled.

Box Jumps

Stand facing a box positioned about 5 inches in front of you. The higher the box, the harder this drill. Bend at your
knees lowering your butt to the floor while you swing your straight arms behind you. Jump, springing up through
the legs and swinging your arms up for momentum to jump up onto the box. Land with both feet on the box your
knees bent to absorb the impact. You want to be as light on your feet as possible, making as little noise when you
land as you can. Stand up completely to get full range of motion in the legs while you lower your arms by your sides.
Step down from the box and repeat.


Our bodies are like a finely tuned engine that needs to be fueled with the right mix of nutrients for optimal
performance. This is especially important for soccer, where you are relying on your body for those sprints up the
field and fast-paced tackles.

Foods are made up of food groups, namely carbohydrates for energy, protein for growth and recovery, fats for
energy and water for hydration. That doesn't even mention vitamins and minerals for growth and many other of our
body's functions.

Let's start with carbohydrates, the most important fuel for contracting muscles. In fact, our body has its very own
storeroom supply of this--called glycogen--in the muscles. Once the blood's supply is used up it will turn to this
reserve to break down. Carbohydrates are found in bread, rice, pasta and cereals. Whole grain varieties of these
are a better choice as they are broken down at a slower rate and will give longer lasting energy. Next is protein,
which is found in meat, fish, beans, nuts and lentils. Protein is needed to repair and rebuild muscles that have been
damaged during exercise. It's important to note that you don't need to overdo this.
Fat is found in meat, butter, dairy, convenience food and oils. Try to choose monounsaturated fats such as olive oil
or canola oil and eliminate trans fats. It will protect your heart and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

You want to ensure that the meals you eat give you the most nutritional bang for your buck. A healthy meal should
be made up of 2/3 whole grains, fruits and vegetables and 1/3 low fat meat, dairy, beans or other protein-rich foods.
Fast foods have very little nutritional value and, in turn, will hinder performance on the field. However they can be
part of a healthy sports diet as an occasional treat.

It is vital to fuel your body on a regular basis, having three nutritious meals a day with snacks. Make time for meals,
as they are just as vital as the training session.

A good meal plan would be:

Breakfast: whole-grain cereal, low-fat milk and fruit
Snack: yogurt and granola
Lunch: whole-grain bread with tuna and a glass of milk
Supper: chicken, potato and greens
On a final note, focus on getting enough water for hydration. To find out how much water you need, weigh yourself
before and after the match. For every pound lost, you need at least 16-24 ounces of water. This is especially
important in hot weather, where you lose a lot of water through your sweat and have a higher chance of becoming

Also, make sure you are getting enough iron found in red meats and iron-fortified cereal to prevent anemia--often
common in female soccer players. Anemia will cause fatigue and hinder your ability to play. Try to drink orange juice
or have vegetables rich in vitamin C with meals to aid iron absorption.

Have a sensible pre-workout snack like a peanut butter sandwich and refuel afterwards. Some good choices would
be a fruit smoothie, sandwich, chocolate milk or cereal and milk to replenish glycogen stores and protein for tired

Finally, consider consulting a dietitian to give you advice to get the most out of your game.

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Rebecca Subbiah RD, LDN cPT is a freelance writer, dietitian and personal trainer, with experience both in the
United Kingdom and America.