Dear Jodee, can I lose weight by using Cocaine?
Dear Prothinspo Member…

Cocaine is an illegal and dangerous drug - outlawed in most countries around the world. Many people speculate as to whether
celebrities ever partake of the drug to induce rapid weight loss. We can only speculate until they get arrested....Most people
already know that cocaine can make you lose weight.

Here is a story I found from New Zealand. A wealthy 51 yr-old property developer is a suspected drug dealer. He attempted to
justify his actions by claiming that cocaine was helping him lose weight.

"In explanation for his actions, the defendant stated that he had discovered taking cocaine in the evening suppressed his
appetite and helped him lose weight," the police summary said.
This may explain the success of Henderson's slimming regime. Last winter, Henderson seized on the Atkins craze and lost at
least 24kg. During the stressful 2000 when he was building the $250 million Princes Wharf redevelopment, "Hendo" was a big
lad. But by last winter, the metamorphosis was spectacular.
He sported a new wardrobe and cut a much finer figure on the waterfront. Come the summer, he appeared even leaner, as the
diet regime continued apace and his face shape changed markedly

I don’t suggest getting hooked on any illegal drugs to lose weight.
I only know of one diet product on the market that mimics the effects of cocaine weight loss. Of course it is new to the market
after many years of clinical testing.

Introducing the World’s First Chemically Altered Diet Pill designed to stimulate the COCAINE AMPHETAMINE REGULATORY
Through years of study and breakthroughs in modern science we’ve discovered the key to long term weight loss success. And
you can only find this compound inside of THIS weight loss solution.

The reason you are overweight is because there is a YIN-YANG battle going on deep within your brain, inside the satiety center
of your hypothalamus. The battle is, C.A.R.T. vs. NP-Y… or Good vs. Evil.

C.A.R.T. (Cocaine.Amphetamine.Regulatory.Transcript.) is the “Good Guy”… and if you’re trying to lose weight it's your Guardian
Angel! The C stands for cocaine and the A for amphetamine because these drugs put this chemical into overdrive. When C.A.R.
T. is stimulated it increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles
rather than be stored as body fat.

NP-Y (Neuropeptide-Y) is the Villain. It’s a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. When stimulated it
will decrease your metabolism, cause your body temperature to drop, and increase your appetite.

THIS PRODUCT was designed to stimulate C.A.R.T. and inhibit NP-Y, thus helping you win the battle of the bulge. (note: This
product does not contain cocaine, amphetamine, ephedra, or cannabanoids. We found alternatives to cocaine and amphetamine
to activate C.A.R.T.)
READ MORE BELOW..Here is what's in THIS CART Program and how this product works:
After decades of research and scientific breakthroughs in the weight loss pills industry, we've finally discovered the key to fast
and lasting weight loss success.
And that key is only available in this CART PROGRAM.

The main reason you're overweight is the back-and-forth battle going on deep within the brain inside the satiety center of your
hypothalamus. The ongoing battle exists between the two neuropeptides CART and NPY ... also known as the good and the bad
when it comes to weight loss.

CART (Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript) is your best friend if you're trying to lose weight. On the other hand NPY is
the enemy when it comes to weight loss. THIS PRODUCT was designed as the best weight loss pills to stimulate CART while
inhibiting NPY
to help you lose weight safely and powerfully.

On the other hand NPY is the enemy when it comes to weight loss. As a stress hormone, NPY kicks up the appetite and signals
hunger. When NPY is stimulated it limits the metabolism and lowers the body temperature.

THIS PRODUCT is a product which was designed to stimulate CART while inhibiting NPY to help you lose weight safely and
powerfully in a way the best weight loss pills have never been able to do before even from what was previously considered to
be the top weight loss pills.

What It Does:

Cocaine and Amphetamine kicks the body's CART into overdrive which helps to increase the metabolism, reduce the appetite
and increase insulin levels to deliver the maximum amount of energy to the muscles instead of storing excess calories as body
fat. By igniting CART,
This CART PROGRAM  product has become the best weight loss pills available!

DiCaffeine Malate - 250mg
The rumors that Coca-Cola included actual cocaine when it was first introduced are actually true. When the drug was illegalized
after World War I, Coke needed an alternative to stimulate the mind and body while delivering similar benefits as cocaine.
Caffeine soon replaced the cocaine and Coke has remained one of the best-selling beverages in the world. In Fenphedrine we
use one of the most potent and multi-dimensional forms of caffeine combined with all-natural malic acid bonded to increase
energy levels, stimulate thermogenesis and promote greater mental alertness and focus.
The only way to experience the full benefits of caffeine is through DiCaffeine Malate.

Hops - 100mg
Commonly known as Hops, the plant Humulus Lupulus is one of only two plants in the Cannabinaceae family. The alkaloid
Lupulinum is extracted from hops and
works as a mild stimulant to trigger relaxation within the body.

Razberi K™ - 50mg
Subjects on a high-fat diet to induce obesity in a recent study (Morimoto et al, 2005) gained less body fat when using 1 to 2%
concentrations of this patented and proven form of Raspberry Ketone
than a control group on the same diet.

Cocoa Extract - 50mg
Cocoa Extract is packed with powerful constituents including methylxanthines (theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline),
biogenic amines (phenylethylamine, tyramine, and synephrine), amino acids (phenylalanine, tryptophan, tyrosine, others),
minerals (with a high content of magnesium), several antioxidants and non-psychoactive cannabanoid-related compounds to
ignite the weight loss process. The Pea in Cocoa Extract is an amphetamine-like compound closely related to the naturally
occurring catecholamine neurotransmitters and the amino acid precursors tyrosine and phenylalanine. PEA works within the
brain to promote feelings of pleasure and relaxation. Extracted from chocolate,
PEA is the leading aphrodisiac found in chocolate.

Ginger Extract (20% Gingerols) - 50mg
Ginger has been used for centuries to provide relief from gallstones and numerous other health conditions. Ginger helps flush
bile from the gallbladder to eliminate unnecessary waste within the body. Ginger has also been shown to thin the blood and
lower cholesterol to help cleanse the body and increase circulation.
This process speeds the metabolism and
increases the flow of nutrients within the body to provide additional energy.

Synephrine HCL - 20mg
Synephrine is a powerful weight loss ingredient derived from citrus aurantium. Synephrine HCL provides similar benefits as
caffeine and other powerful stimulants without serious side effects. By increasing energy expenditure, increasing the
metabolism and suppressing the appetite,
Synphrine HCL is key to signalling key weight loss functions within the body.

Thermodiamine™ (98% Evodiamine) - 15mg
Thermodiamine is clinically proven to reduce fat absorption within the body while increasing thermogenesis. Thermodiamine
increases lipolytic activity (the fat–burning process)
by increasing the vanilloid receptors to increase body temperature.

Lipolide-Sc™ (98% Sclareolide) - 15mg
The powerful thermogenic properties of Lipolide enhance weight loss by supporting an increased level of lipolytic activity
through the Cyclic AMP.
Cyclic AMP
helps the body produce more energy by breaking down excess fat stored within the body.

This is a high performance weight loss supplement that utilizes a formula that is first of its kind!
This is the first diet pill to base its formula on scientific research isolating the
Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (C-A-R-T) and Neuropeptide-Y (NPY).

In short, CART is the good chemical component that triggers increased metabolism and lowers appetites and NPY is the bad
stress hormone that causes your body to lower in body temperature, decrease metabolism, and increase appetite. Adjusting the
CART and NPY in your body, Increases metabolism, reduces appetite, increases muscle function, and reduces body fat storage.

But science aside, THIS  is one of the most popular weight loss products on the market. It has consistently received the highest
rankings and feedback from consumers as being the Most Powerful Diet Pill.
According to our independent research,AND has 97% customer approval rating, which is unheard of in this industry.
There are multiple reports citing results ranging from 10 pounds per week to 33 pounds in just 3½ weeks.














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The Witch's Spellbook...A spellbook for eclectic witches and other practitioners of the Craft

How to Cast a Spell

Below is an example of ritual format. There are of course plenty of other processes; depending on your practice
and preferences, you might perform your spells much differently.

1. Purification of self
It’s important for the practitioner to be in the right state of body and mind before performing a spell. Bathe, dress
appropriately, and take some time to meditate or breathe deeply. You may also wish to make other preparations,
such as anointing yourself with an appropriate oil.

2. Purification of space
Outdoor ritual spaces rarely have to be purified, but when working indoors this can be an important step. First,
you should make sure you won’t be distracted. Close curtains, lock the door, take the phone off the hook, tell
others in the house that you do not want to be disturbed, or anything else to ensure that you will not be
interrupted. Then, clean your space physically. Tidy up and vacuum or sweep the floor (with a regular broom) if
needed. You may wish to make these preparations as the first step in your ritual. Next, purify the space
spiritually. You can use a besom (ritual broom), incense, salt water, a musical instrument, or anything else you
find fitting. While you purify your space, visualize the negative or distracting energies being dispersed, swept
away, or otherwise expelled.

3. Creating sacred space
This may consist of arranging an altar or ritual setup and casting a circle more below on ritual circles.

4. Invocation
If you wish, you may call on the divine or or certain energies to watch over and bless your rite. Invocations
usually consist of a spoken prayer or verse, but it may also include music, dance, gestures, and song.

5. Energy raising or magical work
This is the process of casting the spell, the actions that you perform to create change. Generally, this is the part
of spell casting that is described in this blog. Magical work often involves reciting an incantation or prayer. Often
these incantations rhyme, because it aids memorization and separates incantation from normal speaking, but
rhyming is not required. In fact, impromptu words from the heart can work just as well. It is important to visualize
clearly and effectively. Push your intentions into your actions and visualize the energies or power at work.
Imagine the energies that you are working with and the effects of your spell. The more you can feel it, the more
real it will be. A circle can contain the energy of your spell until you are ready to release it. Energy can be
released through several ritual forms, such as burning papers or herbs, visualization, or gestures. With intention
and power, send the energy toward its goal.

6. Grounding the power
Often there will be residual energies after casting a spell. In practical terms, this means feeling energetic after
the magical work is done. Grounding returns you to a normal level of energy, similar to a cooling-down activity
after exercising. An easy way to ground is through visualization: focus on the feeling of your weight and how your
body presses into the ground and imagine excess energy moving into the Earth. You can also hold up a ritual
tool, such as an athame (ritual knife), and visualize energy flowing into it. Another very common way to ground
yourself is to have a small bit of food and drink. Eating is a very physical, grounding process that allows you to
gently ease yourself from your ritual state. Before eating, you may wish to make a small offering to the divine.

7. Giving thanks
If you chose to invite a deity or power into your circle, now is the time to give thanks and say farewell. This can
be done with chants, gestures, offerings, and music, but often all that is necessary is a sincere expression of
gratitude. Thank them for their attention and ask that they come again. If you did not invoke the divine, you can
still express general gratitude.

8. Closing the circle
Do this by visualizing the energy of the circle returning from where it came, usually yourself. If you called the
quarters, give thanks and say farewell. Walk around your circle again, perhaps in the opposite direction from
how you cast it, and imagine the energy returning through your hand, wand, or athame and going back into you. If
you used anything to mark the circle, gather it up. Gather your ritual tools and put them away. If you used a
special altar setup, you can dismantle it if you like, or you may choose to leave it up for awhile. Once your circle
is closed and your ritual space returned to its normal state, your rite has ended.

Important things to consider when casting a spell:

Timing. The moon phase, time of day, day of the week, season, astrological position, weather, etc., can all be
symbolic and significant in spellcasting. For example, if you were to do a spell to help you succeed in a new
endeavor, you might like to cast it on the day of the new moon, as this moon phase represents new beginnings.
Then the moon growing full can symbolize your success increasing. Do some research to see what different
times and occurrences mean, if you want to incorporate their significance.

Symbolism. Magic relies heavily on symbolism. Everything used in spellcraft — herbs, tools, colors, actions, etc.
— symbolize something. By being aware of what certain things mean and using them in accordance with your
intentions, you can add meaning and significance to everything you do, which can aid your mentality and make
your spells more effective. Be sure to use symbols that you find meaningful and that make sense to you.

Effort and intention. Spells are fundamentally based on feeling, desire, and will. You could perform a spell exactly
as it’s written, with no mistakes or fumbles, but it still won’t be effective if you don’t push your energy and
intention into your work. It’s not the tools you use, the words you say, or the actions you perform that make magic
work — it’s what you put into the spell that’s important. You can use visualization, energy raising, and other
techniques to put energy into your spells. Do everything you do in your spells purposefully and with intention. It’s
my opinion that, when using magic to make an effect happen, the most important thing is to want it intensely and
to will it to happen.

Your experience and level of knowledge. It’s easy to understand that a beginner will be less adept at magic than
an experienced practitioner. As you learn and practice, you’ll grow to be better at the skills used in magic, such
as meditation or visualization. You’ll also learn what works best for you.

Your state of being. If you are mentally, physically, or emotionally tired, distracted, distressed, or otherwise not in
an optimal state for spellwork, spells tend to be less effective. Many people like to do some sort of pre-ritual to
get themselves in the right state of mind. In general, be sure that you get enough sleep, eat well, manage stress
effectively, and otherwise keep yourself healthy.

Casting a Circle

It’s helpful when casting a spell to create a ritual space, and casting a circle is one way to do so. Not only does
this ward off distracting energies, it helps to move the practitioner to a ritual state of mind. Not every practitioner
casts a circle in the same way and often it’s best to experiment a bit and find what works for you. Here’s a
general guide:

1. Determine how much space you’ll need in your ritual. If you only need space for yourself, a good rule of thumb
is to make a circle big enough to fit your outstretched arms. If you plan to stand or move around, or if your ritual
includes something like an altar or more people, account for more space.

2. Make sure you have everything you need for your ritual before casting your circle. There’s nothing more
distracting than realizing you’ve forgotten supplies and leaving to go fetch them. If you do need to leave for
something mid-ritual, many find it helpful to visualize “cutting” out a door which you would seal up again when
you return. This way, your circle is not interrupted.

3. Cleanse your ritual area. First, clean it physically by tidying up and vacuuming or sweeping (with a regular
broom, not a ritual one) if needed. Then cleanse and purify the area of negative energy. Purifying processes
include lightly brushing the floor with a besom (ritual broom), fanning incense around the area, smudging,
sprinkling salt or saltwater, and playing a musical instrument (I particularly like chimes and bells). The most
important thing, no matter what method you use, is to visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus
and visualize, the physical actions will have little effect.

4. Once your space is cleansed and you are ready to begin, cast your circle. There is any number of ways to do
this, but generally people will trace out a circle with a wand, athame, or even their hand. Keep in mind that
whatever tool you use does not have to actually touch the ground — you need simply point it down. Visualize
protective energy coming from within you and direct it toward your casting arm (generally your dominant arm).
Focus it through your casting tool and visualize a beam of energy coming from it and settling on the ground. Some
like to cast a circle multiple times (for example, once for protection, once for focus, and once for power), but this
is not necessary. Sometimes practitioners like to call the four quarters (east, south, west, north), especially if
their ritual involves invocations or presence with the divine. Sometimes a circle is marked with candles,
stones, cord, or some other marker. Usually, a circle is imagined as a sphere or dome of energy. Keep in mind
that the stronger your visualizations are, the better your circle will be cast. Take your time and focus.

5. When your circle is cast, proceed with your ritual but always try to be aware of your circle. It would be
unhelpful if you forgot about it and stepped outside.

A spell to help you lose weight

Only use this spell if you are overweight or if losing weight would not make you underweight. The goal is to be
healthy. Needed:
•A candle (red for health and energy, orange for success, yellow for mental power, green for beauty and health, or
white for general use)
•Paper and a pen (either can be any of the colors mentioned above)
•A charm. It could be a stone or crystal of any of the colors mentioned above. Rose quartz is good for health and
beauty, and clear quartz is a good all-purpose stone. Red stones will give you energy and strengthen your

Cast a circle and light the candle. Sit before it and focus and center yourself. Then, write on the paper exactly
what your goal is. Describe what you want to achieve and write some encouraging words to yourself. Perhaps
draw a picture or describe how you would like to look. Then hold the charm up to the flame and imagine the fire’s
energy soaking into it. Focus intently and visualize this as clearly as you can. Stand up with your feet together
and touch the stone to your forehead. Slowly move it down your body all the way to your feet, all the while clearly
imagining yourself losing weight, enjoying exercise and healthy food, and being committed to your goal. Then
touch the charm to any area of your body where you especially want to lose weight. Visualize the weight melting
or burning away. Try to imagine everything as vividly as possible. When you’re ready, speak the following words:

I wish to lose weight I don’t need
This spell will help me to succeed
I’ll exercise, eat healthy food
I’ll be resolved in mind and mood
I’ll be more healthy, this I vow
I’ll work to lose weight, starting now

Close your circle. Put the paper in a safe place and keep the charm with you whenever you can. When you feel
yourself wanting to eat unhealthy foods, eat too much, or make other unhealthy choices, touch the charm and
imagine your unhealthy desire disappearing. If you like, hold it to your forehead and visualize the thoughts
leaving your mind, like steam leaves hot water. You can also take your charm and feel it filling you with energy
and motivation to exercise or make other healthy choices. Sit with it often and meditate, focusing on success and
strengthening your resolve. If you like, you can also take the paper out and look at it for motivation.

Hopefully all this will help you to stay motivated and reach your goal. Good luck!

This weight loss spell increases your metabolism, helping your body burn calories faster.  The results will not be
instant, but over time, you’ll find yourself shedding those extra pounds.  You can speed the results up by eating
healthier food and making sure to exercise regularly.

For this weight loss spell, you will need:
•A red candle
•A small cloth pouch, preferably red or orange
•Cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon and ground ginger – about a teaspoon of each (it is preferable to use all three
of these , but if you can only find one or two, then that will work as well).

The weight loss spell should be performed during a waning moon.  In order to make it most effective, perform it
seven days in a row from the first day following a full moon.

Performing the spell to lose weight

First of all, center and ground yourself, and then cast your circle.  Place all the ingredients for the spell in front of
you, and light the red candle.

As the candle burns, imagine the heat from the flame warming the inside of your body.  Stare into the flame of the
candle, and imagine your body taking on the attributes of the fire.  See how it burns the wax of the candle, and
visualize your own body burning all your stored excess fat just as easily and efficiently.

Keep your attention on this image, and repeat the following incantation three times:

Fire, awaken inside me,
Burn away the weight I don’t need,
Flame, heat up my body,
As my metabolism increases in speed.

Now take the spices and pour them into the small pouch and close it (if this isn’t the first time performing the
spell, you should already have all the spices inside the pouch – it’s not necessary to create a new one, just use
the same one you created on the first day).  Circle the pouch around the candle clockwise three times, and
visualize it absorbing the heat of the candle.

Say: So mote it be

Now blow out the candle and close your circle.

Keep the pouch of spices close to your body at all times, for as long as you still wish to lose weight.  It’ll be most
effective if placed close to your stomach.

After every meal you eat, hold the pouch in your left hand for a minute or so, and visualize yourself absorbing the
heat from it, pulling the warmth up through your arm and into your stomach.  You’ll find that your body will start
burning the calories from your meals faster, leading to healthy and effective weight loss over the long term.

Candle Weight Loss Spell
You get 1 white, 1 blue, and 1yellow candle. Light them all in front of a mirror and say this chant:
Lighter thinner
that I say
Make me my right size
this very day
When you finish this chant, pour the wax from the candles into a small glass with a new wick in it. Repeat this
day after day until your new candle is made. Burn your new candle until it or the wind puts the candle out. When
you're feeling overweight again light the candle and let it put itself out.

Spell to Lose Weight
Take a piece of parchment paper and draw a pentacle in the center. In each point write one word of
“Refrigerator Stay Invisible To Me”
While writing concentrate on yourself at the desired weight you have in mind.
Attach the paper to the fridge, until you reach your goal. Moon should be waning.

Weight Loss Spell
Meditate during the waning moon. Light a pink candle for self-love. Anoint it with the oil of your choice. Next light
a brown candle, engrave the number of pounds you want to loose on it. Then visualize banishing the excess
weight. Runes can also be carved on the candle if you wish and incense can be burned.
Visualize the smoke taking the excess pounds away!!

I recently had a reader ask, “How can I avoid Halloween weight gain without missing out on the fun?”

It’s a question I’ve asked myself every October. Between holiday parties and baskets filled with high-calorie
sweets, it’s little surprise the number on the scale tends to rise through late October and into the winter holidays.
So how do you prevent packing on the pounds or sticking to your diet while
still participating in all the spooky festivities?

One of the easiest ways to enjoy your favorite treats without the additional calories is to choose foods and
beverages with low-calorie sweeteners. For example, choosing sugar-free chocolates can save 50 calories a
day. Over the course of a year, those daily calorie savings can really add up.
Drinking a diet soda can shave off 150 calories!

Here are a few more tips to surviving Halloween without gaining weight:
If you are throwing a party, serve reduced-fat popcorn, fat-free pretzel twists or sticks and diet sodas instead of
their full calorie counterparts. Toss in some chocolate candies, as an added treat, but watch portion sizes.
Instead of caramel apples, try serving whole or sliced apples with fat-free caramel sauce.
Cut out bread (try a reduced-fat or light version) with a Halloween cookie cutter. Serve with smoked turkey,
reduced-fat cheese, tomato, lettuce and other sandwich “fixings.” You can also send this in your child’s
lunchbox. Kids will love this “spooky sandwich.”
Use sugar substitutes and applesauce to replace oil and sugar when baking treats for Halloween. Explain to your
children that you are using these substitutions to make these treats more healthy.
After trick or treating, allow your children to choose a designated amount of candy (such as five pieces) to eat
that night instead of a free for all. Not only will that control calories,
but your child’s tummy will thank you later- even if he doesn’t!
After Halloween is over, let your child pick one treat to eat each day.
You can put this in her lunchbox as a special surprise.
Choose candy that is sugar-free or is reduced-fat over full calorie options.
Watch your portions by choosing a few pieces and putting the rest away before eating.
Out of sight is (usually) out of mind.
Keep the wrappers out so you see how much you’ve eaten. Studies show that the visual feedback
keeps portions in control.

Here are two lower calorie and kid-friendly recipes sure to “scare off” any Halloween weight gain:

Ghosts in the GraveyardGhostsInGraveyard Tips and Tricks to Scare Off the Halloween Pounds
1 package sugar-free instant chocolate pudding
skim milk
2 large containers of whipped topping, thawed
1 package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 package of sandwich cookies (oblong shape)
strawberry or raspberry jam

Mix pudding as directed, using only half the amount of skim milk indicated on the back of the box. Fold in one
container of whipped topping. Spoon evenly into pan, as base of graveyard. Before serving, use a dollop of
whipped cream throughout the “graveyard” to make “ghosts.” Use chocolate morsels for eyes. Place sandwich
cookies throughout the graveyard as tombstones. Gently spoon strawberry or
raspberry jam over tombstones to look like fake blood.

Halloween WitchesWiley%20Witch Tips and Tricks to Scare Off the Halloween Pounds
1 package (4 serving size) lime gelatin
1 cup light Karo syrup
8 teaspoons (or 24 packets) sugar substitute
shredded carrots
peanut butter
5 quarts popcorn (try light or reduced-fat)
1 box of ice cream cones (waffle type, reduced fat)

Combine lime gelatin, syrup and sugar substitute in a heavy saucepan and bring to a boil. Pour over 5 quarts of
popped corn. Form into popcorn balls (using greased hands). Place on a baking sheet covered with wax paper.
Spread a small amount of peanut butter on top of each popcorn ball. Add shredded carrots for “hair.” Top with ice
cream cone. Additional toppings can be added for eyes, nose, etc. per your desire. Apples can also be used as a
substitute for the witch’s “popcorn face.”